2020 Scout Academy

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  • North Macedonia
This project is led by Alex Pham, a Volunteer from Texas

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The Scouts Association of Macedonia is carrying out “2020 National Scout Academy” under the newly reformed sustainable-training framework with a focus on modeling strong female leaders in the different levels of the decision-making body in the association. To provide this training to “scout leaders across North Macedonia” the association will gather strong female trainers and directors across North Macedonia. These volunteers will carry out a 4-day training for 50 Scouts from every region and community in North Macedonia. Along with the Association, the director and trainers will monitor the growth of the Association leadership in the youth through projects and the growth of female leaders in the different levels of the decision-making body of the associations. The association is looking to help cover the cost of the training materials; transportation, professional honorary, other logistical costs. The project is an organization-initiated by the youth. The Scouts concluded that there is a need for more quality scout youth leaders across Macedonia in local units. Especially female youth leaders, so that they can take part in the decision-making bodies. To ensure this the Association will make it an objective to recruit a minimum of 70% of the training team, the 2020 National Scout Academy consists of core workshops of project management leadership skills and additional soft skills needed in youth leaders. The participants will also attend workshops focused on democracy, community actions, and sustainable development goals. This academy will provide an environment for female volunteers to take on roles as trainers.

This is an association-initiated and scout-driven project. Having more female leaders as part of the training team aligns with the overall fundamental growth of the scouting organization by creating an inclusive and safe space program for all scouts. Another key part of the community involvement is that most of the trainers will be females from partner organizations around North Macedonia. They will serve as experts on panels and facilitators.

The 2020 Scout Academy will help members receive the skills and experiences needed to maintain and grow the association. These members will then become stronger leaders in their local community. After the training, they will provide a better-quality scout program for the youth in their community and the youth will benefit and grow the community. The participants from this training will serve as trainers for the next training; and so forth and so on. By having most of the trainers as women, the inspiration for the vision of stronger female role models will be instill in the new young female leaders/participants. These new young female leaders/participants will be inspired to take on more leadership and decision-making role in their community. In future training, these new young female leaders/participants will serve as trainers for the scout missions on the national and local level across North Macedonia. They will also take on decision making roles on the local and national level. This will help the Scout Organization grow in a positive way to pave new path for future young female scouts and leaders in the country.

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