Ecuador Country Fund

Contributions to the Ecuador Country Fund support sustainable, community-driven Peace Corps Partnership Program projects in Ecuador that are led by Peace Corps Volunteers. These projects focus on Community Health, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and Youth & Families Development.

Amazing projects have been funded through the Ecuador Country Fund. One of the highlight projects from this year was a "Summer Vacation Course" project implemented with the participation of over 500 youth in a rural community on the Ecuador coast. The project included activities such as basketball, soccer, guitar, singing, painting, drawing, dancing, breakdance and martial arts. Each activity taught participants a particular skill but also focused on strengthening general life skills, teaching youth how to avoid risky behaviors and engage as active members of their community. All activities were facilitated by members of the community with Peace Corps Volunteers providing training on self-esteem, positive decision making, and goal setting. From the project, two clubs were developed, a basketball club and a soccer club, which both meet regularly with the guidance of local community members.  

A group of youth doing soccer warm ups on a field.
Youth particpate in soccer drills, while learning life skills, as part of the "Summer Vacation Course" project.

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