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Ethiopia Country Fund

Campers and Volunteers taking a group photo at the end of Girls Lead Our World (GLOW) Camp


Contributions to the Ethiopia Country Fund support sustainable, community-driven Peace Corps Partnership Program projects in Ethiopia that are led by Peace Corps Volunteers. These projects focus on education, agriculture, health and aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Education: Students attain communication skills in English necessary to access academic and/or professional opportunities
  • Agriculture: Smallholder farming families achieve food and nutrition security
  • Health: Reducing preventable maternal and child deaths and improving health and well-being of youth in the community

There were various projects funded by the Peace Corps Partnership Program. The projects include: library and computer centers, Camp GLOW (Girls Lead Our World), Camp English, water and sanitation, school furniture. The projects were successful in building the transferable skills of Counterparts, schools, health centers, and youth.

PC Ethiopia looks forward to continued support from the Peace Corps Partnership Program to Volunteers future efforts in the community.