Youth Group Receives Prizes in Business Plan Competition

By Zane H.
Dec. 2, 2019

Business development training and mentorship prepares high school students for success at national competition!

A youth group from Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Zane’s site participated in the closing ceremony of the Junior Achievement Costa Rica La Compañía business plan competition. La Compañía is a six-month program for high school students during which they have to work as a team to design and implement a small business.

Every week they have to meet with their teacher, PCV Zane in this case, to receive classes on best business practices and personal finance. At the end of the competition, each team brings their product or service to be judged in San José. Winning teams or outstanding leaders can receive different prizes.

At the ceremony, Zane’s group proudly received several accolades. The group was invited to a health and wellness camp sponsored by Beyer. The general manager of the group was awarded a 50 percent scholarship to ULACIT, a private Costa Rican university, for being an outstanding manager and leader in the competition.

JA Competition 2.png
PCV Zane waiting on the sidelines while his students compete at the National Junior Achievement competition.
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