Video Shorts Document "Compañeros Maravillosas"

By Peace Corps Costa Rica
Dec. 18, 2016

When a filmmaker makes his way to Costa Rica as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), documenting the experience is a must. Kenneth Walker, a Youth Development Volunteer in the Limón area, is making his mark across the country as he creates and shares a series of mini documentaries celebrating "Compañeros Maravillosas" (Wonderful Companions). 

When working in two languages, the adage about a picture's worth becomes even more apparent. Filmmaker Kenneth Walker doesn't need a 1000 words to explain the role of counterparts in Peace Corps Costa Rica (PCCR). He just needs a minute of your time and a cell phone. 

Since arriving in Costa Rica in 2016, Walker and his wife,  PCV Lauren del Angel,  have invested not only in their community as Youth Development (YD) workers but also as communicators of the PCCR experience. Lauren serves as a Facebook Coordinator on the Communications and Public Relations Committee and Kenneth has provided video support for activities such as the first National English Festival and now as a documentary maker explaining the vital role of counterparts in PCCR.

Counterparts help to ensure that Community Economic Development, Youth Development, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language -- all programs of PCCR -- are sustainable. They can be local business leaders, teachers, coaches, etc.  To truly be effective, they must understand the role they are taking on. As part of a larger project to explain how PCVs live and work in communities, Kenneth created brief introductions of some wonderful counterparts that make PCCR the success that it is. 

In this clip, a local indigenous band director reflects upon the opportunity that was created by gaining a grant from the CRUSA Foundation. Local Peace Corps Volunteer, Crystal, had the opportunity to work with Kenneth and help him "dream big." She walked with him through the process of completing a local grant that could help him grow his community band. The project is a huge success with over 80 band members supporting each other along the way.

This is a short documentary highlighting the amazing work a Peace Corps Volunteer and counterpart share and experience together, told by the unique perspective of the local counterpart. This video highlights the relationship a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Volunteer had while working with a local English Teacher.

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