Cooking Like a Costa Rican!

June 1, 2019

Two years of cultural immersion certainly has some (tasty) perks!

Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) have the unique opportunity to live immersed in another culture for two years. Costa Rica is a country widely known for its beautiful beaches and tourism. Peace Corps Volunteers serving here know that Costa Rica has so much more to offer. We asked PCVs what they wished Americans knew about Costa Rica and got some great responses:

The one thing I wish Americans knew about Costa Rica is that…

Costa Ricans are incredible cooks. Most people only think of rice and beans when thinking about Costa Rican cuisine. While these items often make up a significant part of the Costa Rican diet, I wish more people understood that there is still a substantial amount of variety in typical dishes throughout the country, with unique regional differences across the provinces.

While it is true that a few basic building block ingredients are often repurposed and used in different ways to make a variety of dishes, the differences truly come down to the preparation process, which often is incredibly time-consuming (sometimes even an all-day event). Yet, despite the extensive preparation process, it is worth it in the end as the food is incredibly fresh and flavorful.

It has truly been an incredible opportunity to learn alongside my host parents in the kitchen, and I look forward to sharing recipes with family and friends back home.