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Country Director's Welcome for Costa Rica

Welcome! We hope you find here the information and inspiration to join us in Costa Rica as we carry out the Peace Corps mission.

Peace Corps Costa Rica is a team of Volunteers, staff, community members and host country partners working together as one and holding ourselves to the highest standards. Every day we use all the tools we have to promote worldwide peace and friendship through collaboration on locally prioritized projects that build relationships, promote knowledge exchange, and make a lasting and measurable impact.

Last year marked Peace Corps Costa Rica’s 60th anniversary and the commitment from the host country government, partners and local communities remains just as strong as when we started. During the past six decades, more than 4,000 Volunteers have contributed by integrating into host communities and supporting local initiatives that improve education, promote climate change resilience, enhance livelihoods, and enrich community development.

At present, Peace Corps Costa Rica is well-positioned to support the communities where our Volunteers serve with our current portfolio of programs:

  • Education: Peace Corps Costa Rica partners with the Ministry of Education to support post-pandemic recovery efforts that will focus on closing the achievement gap and potentially modifying learning modalities to accommodate more virtual teaching and learning.
  • Community & Economic Development: Tourism -- a major economic engine in rural Costa Rica – was hit hard by the pandemic. The CED program focuses on entrepreneurship and e-commerce to address the country’s unemployment challenges.
  • Youth Development: The pandemic has been difficult for youth as many of the COVID mitigation measures impacted the sense of belonging to a community. The YD program works to support the challenges facing the youth of Costa Rica through supporting the development and enhancement of life-skills and knowledge that can support youth to achieve their goals and potential.
  • Peace Corps Response: The Response program is aligned with the goals of ED, CED, and YD. The Response Volunteers support projects with a shorter-term commitment in the same initiatives as the two-year Volunteers.

Bringing Volunteers back to in-country service in a post-COVID world has required an immense amount of planning at all levels of the agency. Significant reflection has occurred to re-imagine Peace Corps service, advance inclusive and equitable service opportunities, and adapt its traditional approaches to ensure a safe and productive service journey for all.

Peace Corps service is an honor and a privilege. It is a unique, life-long experience that offers abundant challenges as well as professional opportunity, personal growth, inspiration, and hopefully great joy and a sense of accomplishment.

¡Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Lane Bunkers
Country Director
RPCV Costa Rica 89-91, Chile 91-92