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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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12 fascinating Peace Corps Response positions you can apply to right now

12 interesting PCR positions

Are you an experienced professional or a returned Peace Corps Volunteer?

Peace Corps Response offers short-term, high-impact volunteer opportunities around the world. Volunteers serve in specialized assignments from three to 12 months and are often the first on the ground when the agency opens a new country program, re-opens a suspended country, or pilots partnerships. 

As we celebrate PCR’s 20th anniversary, here are 12 fascinating positions you can apply to right now.

Peace Corps Response positions are filled on a rolling basis; we remove openings from the website when we have received a high volume of applications or a Volunteer has been identified. Positions below may have already been filled. View all current Peace Corps Response openings here.

1.       Ecotourism Specialist 

Country: Peru
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, fisheries, ecotourism or related field, advanced proficiency in Spanish, at least three years of professional experience in a similar position

2.       Education School Improvement Facilitator 

Country: Federated States of Micronesia
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: master’s degree in school administration or related field, experience with some accreditation educational background

3.       Marine Biologist 

Country: Philippines
Duration: 7 months
Snapshot of qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in marine biology or related to fisheries, SCUBA certification, at least two years of experience in conducting Rapid Aquatic Resource Appraisal (RARA) or similar marine habitat assessment activitie

Marine Biologist

4.       Music Instruction  & Marketing Specialist 

Country: Grenada, Eastern Caribbean
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: degree in music, music production/sound engineering and/or digital music marketing, experience in teaching music and music production

5.       Non-Profit Management Specialist 

Country: Togo
Duration: 12 Months 
Snapshot of qualifications: advanced proficiency in French, experience in financial management of a non-profit organization, degree in accounting, business administration, non-profit management, public administration, or related field

6.       Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Volunteer 

Countries: Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Swaziland
Duration: 12 Months
Snapshot of qualifications for physician educators: board eligible or board certified M.D. or D. O., active license in the U.S.
Snapshot of qualifications for nurse educators: BSN, three or more years of clinical experience, active license in the U.S.

Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Volunteer

7.       Food Security Coordinator 

Country: Benin
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: intermediate high proficiency in French, experience in planning, organizing, and coordinating community activities related to food security

8.       Impact Assessment Coordinator 

Country: Panama
Duration: 6 months
Snapshot of qualifications: advanced proficiency in Spanish, experience conducting surveys and facilitating project workshops, knowledge of tropical ecology and reforestation

Impact Assessment

9.       Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists 

Country: Guinea
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: high intermediate proficiency in French, excellent analytical and report writing skills, experience in nutrition, public health, economics, agriculture, international affairs, business administration or related field

10.   Youth & Sports Development Volunteer 

Country: St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: two years of experience working in youth and sports development, two years of coaching experience in athletics, bachelor’s degree or diploma in youth development, sports development or related field

Youth & Sports Development Volunteer
Youth In Development

11.   Speech Therapy Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor 

Country: Guyana
Duration: 11 months
Snapshot of qualifications: bachelor’s degree in speech therapy, experience teaching at the university level, experience as a clinical educator for occupational therapy students or supervisor for occupational therapy assistants

12.   Climate Change Adaptation Trainer

Country: Vanuatu
Duration: 12 months
Snapshot of qualifications: bachelor’s degree with advanced training or expertise in the area of climate change, a good understanding of challenges linked to adaptation and natural resource use/conservation management

View all available positions here and subscribe to IMPACT, our monthly newsletter, to learn more about Peace Corps Response. Questions? Contact [email protected] to reach a PCR recruiter.