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From Albania to Zambia, Peace Corps is opening new positions. Apply today to start your service journey!

Volunteers must be 18+
US citizenship required
College degree preferred
PCV Holly and a Peace Corps Staff member in Namibia
Becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer is a unique opportunity to live and work abroad
  • 60+ host countries welcome Volunteers to tackle locally identified challenges alongside the community.
  • Most Volunteers serve 2 years, and 3-12 month options are available in select fields.
  • Receive training, housing, travel, a living stipend, medical support, a readjustment allowance, career support and other benefits.

Featured openings

Peace Corps Volunteer

2-year service opportunities

Secondary Education Science Teacher

Rural Community Health Volunteer

Sustainable Agricultural Systems Volunteer

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Peace Corps Response

3- to 12-month service opportunities

Audiology Trainer

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Expert

Volunteerism Programming and Training Specialist

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