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Omar Keldi, Information Technology Specialist

The Information Technology Specialist (ITS) is the primary contact for technical support, administering the IT systems, maintaining IT mandated configurations, and ensuring that all IT systems adhere to Peace Corps and US Government policy

Haine Keke, Programming and Training Assistant, SARL

Haïna Keke is a Programming and Training Assistant for Peace Corps Comoros. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and is currently completing an MA in Feminism in Victorian Literature. She has five years of experience volunteering with different health and education programs. She started as a volunteer English and French teacher, and later trained to become a speech tutor for children with speech impairments. Haïna served as the president of a non-profit initiative she started and whose aim is to promote youth empowerment through education and access to free surgery for children with facial deformities in Madagascar. She is a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) fellow and has completed a leadership training followed by a professional development internship in the USA in this quality. Haïna recently moved back to Comoros where she continues to serve and promote education through Peace Corps and Imara, a project she has started with local youths. She loves reading and has a keen interest in languages and all forms of communication.

Anturia Mihidjai, Medical Assistant, SARL

After graduating with a Bachelor degree of Nursing from the University of Comoros in 2008, Anturia moved to Kenya where she studied Dental Technology until 2012. She started working as Pharmacist at the Iranian Red Crescent Polyclinic and as a freelancer dental technician until June 2014 when she left for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). After YALI and before becoming Peace Corps Medical Assistant, Anturia who is a passionate about business and Entrepreneurship, worked as a Dental Technician in a private clinic while running a food processing business.

Halima Miradji, Language and Culture Coordinator

Halima works as Peace Corps Comoros’ Language and Culture Coordinator, designing and implementing cross-culture and language sessions. In 2014, as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sonia came to the US and studied Civic Leadership in Virginia. Halima has over four years of experience in the education and community development sectors and taught English in different non- governmental schools (both private schools and independent English centers).

She is the founder and manager of “Voix des Femmes et des Enfants de Oichili”, an association focusing on empowering young women and addressing gender disparities within the education sector. The organization focuses on developing communities through workshops and various engagement activities such as weekly English classes and volleyball games against other villages.

Halima is currently collaborating with the ‘’YES WE CAN’’ association, which focuses on the teaching of English for free in communities and villages across the country. She holds a degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Comoros and in her free time she enjoys visiting with her family and friends, and playing volleyball.

Ahmed Zaki, Financial Assistant

The Financial Assistant (FA) is responsible for the financial systems management, budget plan and development and budget cost review.

Ali Omar Abdillah, Cashier

Ali was born Ntsaoueni (Union of Comoros. He integrated the Peace Corps Comoros as a Principal Cashier for ten Month since March 2015 until. Previously,Ali worked at the National Institute of Statistics and Demographic Studies (INSEED) in charge of the Economic Departemn. He holds a Higher Diploma in Economic Policy Management (DESS) from the University of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), a Masters in Human Resources Management (Graduate School of Business and Management Esup) Dakar-Senegal and a Masters of Business Administration and Management-Bigah University (ISAG) Niamey – Niger

Mze Mirgane, General Services Assistant

Mirgane was born in May 1981 in Moroni his mother being from Itsandzeni and his father from Ouellah Mitsamiouli. After high school Mirgane went to Morocco for two years where he obtained a technical diploma in International Business. When he came back to Comoros Mirgane was employed as a sales person at a private business. In 2007 he worked with Comoros Golf Holding as transit agent under Transco where he was in charge of customs clearing of goods . In 2012 he was running my own Computer Maintenance Business and was also in charge of sales and logistics in a company of construction called (Chic Français Trading, then Sales Manager at Merveille Group Ltd before joining Peace Corps Comoros.

Mohamed Djie, Driver

Mohamed Djae Fakihi was born in 1984 in Ntsorale Dimani on Grande Comoro. He is married with 2 children - a daughter of 7 years old and a 3 year old son. After leaving school in 2005, Mohamed trained as a tour guide at the Chamber of Commerce Comoros. He then worked with CAP d’Afrique in 2007 as a supervisor of malnutrition for children under 5 years old. From January 2009 to October 2015, Mohamed worked with IBL Comoros as a driver. Mohamed was the first Comorian working with Peace Corps staff during its investigative period in October 2014. Since November 2015, Mohamed has been working with Peace Corps as a driver. Mohamed has said that, “Joining Peace Corps is a big opportunity for my professional career. I like my job and I hope to get more professional experience with my team.”