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The Peace Corps first began working with the people of Comoros in 1988.

About 70 Volunteers served in Comoros—working in English education, environmental education, and health—from 1988–95, when the program was closed.

Despite the closure, there remained strong interest in a return. After conducting numerous comprehensive assessments, and with the strong support of the Government of Comoros, the Peace Corps made the decision to reopen the post.

The Peace Corps and the Government of Comoros signed an agreement in 2014 for the return of Volunteers. In 2015, Peace Corps returned with a cohort of 11 Response Volunteers. In mid 2015, Peace Corps expanded with the addition of 20 two-year English teachers. In mid 2016 Peace Corps added an additional 20 English teacher for a total of 40 Volunteers.

Despite their long absence from the islands, Peace Corps Volunteers are fondly remembered at both the national and community level, which positively sets the stage for a long term collaboration between the two countries.

PCR boilerplate

Peace Corps Response sends experienced professionals to undertake short-term, high-impact service assignments in communities around the world. Peace Corps Response Volunteers are expected to possess the technical skills needed to fulfill their assigned role with minimal training.

VSP boilerplate

The Virtual Service Pilot connects qualified U.S. citizens with host country counterparts to meet partner requests in new ways – from supplementing on-the-ground Volunteer efforts to reaching regions where Volunteers cannot go. Participants collaborate virtually with counterparts to complete project tasks, donating 5-15 hours per week for 3-6 months.