Stories from Colombia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Colombia.

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PCV Brianna with her English students

My life in Colombia as a Peace Corps Volunteer looks astonishingly like my life did in the U.S. working at a Fortune 50 company. 

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PCV Angell Kim teaching English to a group of tourist guides
Now, I must say, my tour guides group are my pride and joy and truly are my friends.
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A robust cacao industry would provide economic opportunity for hundreds of thousands of small farmers and their families, many who live in post-conflict areas.

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Nyassa Kollie, Malawi

We asked Peace Corps Volunteers, "What do you wish Americans knew about your country of service?"

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Maureen Orth Colombia 1960s

My decision to join the Peace Corps at age 20, right off the Berkeley campus, and to go to a place I had never heard of — Medellin, Colombia — gave me the best education I ever got.

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Colombia illustration

Just over a month ago, I finished my Peace Corps service in a peri-urban fishing community located 25 minutes north of Cartagena, Colombia.

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How to communicate like a coastal Colombian

Have you ever seen a coastal Colombian talk? 

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VIDEO: Peace Corps celebrates Older Americans Month

Peace Corps Volunteers of all ages are called to serve overseas. 

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