China Staff 2018-1
Peace Corps China Staff in 2018

Alma Guxo, Medical Officer

Anthony Delavilla, IT Specialist

Bing Ziyi, Medical Officer

Chen Mo, Cashier

Cheng Gang, Driver

Ding Yin, Executive Assistant

Eleanor Bedford, Director of Programming

Fang Yuan, Language and Culture Manager

He Wen, Program Assistant

Hu Yi, IT Assistant/Driver

Ji Yusi, Program Assistant

Kou Lingfang, Financial Analyst

Li Li, Medical Assistant

Liang Ning, Program Manager

Liu Haishu, Director of Management and Operation

Liu Jianzhong, General Service Assistant/Driver

Liu Qin, Financial Analyst

Liu Shiying, Training Manager

Luis Humberto Valadez, Director of Training

Man Yi, Program Manager

Peng Chuanzhong, Program Manager

Stephen Claborne, Country Director

Shannon Yrle, TEFL Manager

Tian He, General Service Manager

Wang Fangzhen, Medical Assistant

Wei Sijia, Safety and Security Assistant

Xiao Dan, Administrative Assistant

Xie Shuling, Program Assistant

Yang Guanglu, Program Assistant

Yang Jingjing, Language and Culture Assistant

Zhang Bo, Medical Officer

Zhang Wei, Training Assistant

Zhou Xiang, Safety and Security Manager

Zhu Kui, Program Manager