Director's Welcome

Peace Corps volunteers have been serving in Cameroon for the past 59 years without interruption.

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Danielle Monty-Mara, Country Director

Since 1962, over 3,800 Volunteers have served in Cameroon, in all 10 regions.  In 2019-2020, Peace Corps Cameroon had 167 Volunteers working in the areas of community health, education and agriculture in six regions (Adamawa, Center, East, Littoral, South and West). Since 1961, with President John F Kennedy’s signature of the legislation establishing the Peace Corps as a permanent government agency, Peace Corps has provided highly motivated American Volunteers to support countries all around the world. Here in Cameroon, Peace Corps works hand-in-hand with our host government partners, local communities, and non-governmental organizations to place Volunteers in communities and projects where they can achieve the most impact towards Peace Corps’ mission and objectives. Without our partners and the incredibly welcoming communities across Cameroon, Volunteers could not do the work they do towards Peace Corps’ mission of promoting world peace and friendship by immersing themselves in their communities, and working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of those communities.

I sincerely thank each of our partners and host communities for their faithful collaboration and incessant support to Volunteers. On est ensemble as community members give generously of themselves to make the Volunteers feel welcome and at home in Cameroon, forging generations of Americans who also relate their experiences in Cameroon back to their friends and family in the United States, contributing to the Peace Corps global mission of promoting world peace and friendship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peace Corps evacuated all Volunteers back to the United States in March, 2020, but we are endeavoring to have Volunteers back in the field in Cameroon soon. We look forward to even a better year ahead!

Danielle Monty-Mara