Director's Welcome

Peace Corps Volunteers have been serving in Cameroon since 1962 without interruption.

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Welcome to Peace Corps Cameroon!

If you have come to this page because you are considering Peace Corps service in Cameroon, I welcome you to apply to the most exciting, transformational experience you will likely ever have. If you are a Returned Volunteer or have an interest in Peace Corps programming in Cameroon, I invite you to explore our website and social media channels to learn more about the incredible history of Peace Corps Cameroon and our current work.

This year, Peace Corps is celebrating 60 years of partnership between the United States and Cameroon, making it one of the countries with the longest uninterrupted service in Peace Corps history. This history is rooted in a shared vision for what is possible by working with, living alongside, and tackling together our host communities’ priority projects, while advancing equity and inclusion and celebrating the diversity of cultures.

Globally, the Peace Corps’ mission is to promote World Peace and Friendship, an audacious purpose that may sometimes feel further away than ever. It is the very same mission that motivated me to become a Peace Corps Volunteer many years ago in Benin, and continues to motivate me to serve now as Country Director in Cameroon.

One thing that I can promise is that Peace Corps service in Cameroon is incredibly rich and will change you. Known as “Africa in miniature,” Cameroon possesses great cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and geographic diversity. With 250 ethnic groups, speaking 200+ languages there is so much history, as well as art, dance, food and cultural traditions to learn. Cameroon has varied landscapes including lakes and coastline, tropical forests, mountains, grasslands and deserts. Each Volunteer will experience a slightly different “Cameroon,” while supporting their community’s priorities and development goals in the fields of Health, Education or Agriculture.

Peace Corps service in Cameroon will be incredibly rewarding, but it will not be easy. Most Volunteers serve in small villages without electricity or running water, navigating cultural, religious and societal norms and languages different than their own. However, Volunteers quickly integrate into their communities, thanks to our world-class training program.

All of our Trainees undertake a rigorous11-week program that provides intensive language training, technical instruction, and intercultural information that is critical for integration and adjustment. Peace Corps Cameroon staff is composed of highly skilled, innovative and empowered professionals who are dedicated to the development of their country and provide the best possible support to our communities, partners, and Volunteers. In all manner of work and life, Volunteers work in partnership with the people of Cameroon to empower individuals and communities, build capacity, and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Serving in Cameroon will both challenge and change you, but the reward will far surpass the temporal discomforts. Peace Corps service is both an honor and a privilege. It is also a 27-month commitment that will offer challenges and frustrations, as well as personal growth, inspiration, and hopefully great joy. It has been said that successful Peace Corps Volunteers around the world possess uncommon grit, fortitude, agility, resiliency, grace and humility fueled by a desire to learn and a yearning for change. Meaningful international service begins with a true desire by both the Volunteer and the community to build bridges across cultures and make a concerted effort to grow, learn and understand one another, fostering empathy and mutual respect.

Unity in our mission and goals drives the Peace Corps. On behalf of the Peace Corps Cameroon team, I welcome you to join the rich tradition of Peace Corps service in Cameroon, “the toughest job you will ever love.”

Nickie Séne
Peace Corps Cameroon Country Director
RPCV Benin 2006-2008