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Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO)

OPEN TO: All Qualified Candidates

OPENING DATE: 02 October 2023

CLOSING DATE: 27 October 2023

WORK HOURS: Full-time; 40 hrs/week

COMPENSATION: Starting at USD $3,551 per month

The United States Peace Corps seeks a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP) to serve as a Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Please note that this position is not open to Registered Nurses (RNs).

The PCMO will provide health care to U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in Cambodia and will work under the supervision of the Peace Corps Country Director in Cambodia and the Peace Corps Office of Medical Services in Washington DC. Peace Corps ( is a US government agency that sends volunteers to assist in community development. Learn more about Peace Corps Cambodia here:

Duties include:

  • Routine primary health care to Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers including treatment of common illnesses and injuries in accordance with Peace Corps medical guidelines
  • Individual short-term counseling on disease prevention, adjustment issues, stress management and cross-cultural problems
  • Response to emergency medical situations
  • Member of Senior Peace Corps staff in Cambodia
  • Ability to conduct trainings on health-related issues
  • Site visits to Peace Corps Volunteers throughout Cambodia
  • Administrative tasks of the medical office including budget management
  • Inventory of medical supplies and equipment
  • Alternate 24 hour on- call duty with the other PCMO

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Graduate of an accredited school

- MDs must be a graduate of a school listed in this link, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

- NPs must have Certification of a Nurse Practitioner which was obtained by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or comparable organization in British Commonwealth (Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, etc.), or other country as approved by the Office of Health Services (OHS).

  • Current license to practice
  • Relevant clinical experience in primary care after medical school
  • Ability to communicate effectively in oral/written English
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook
  • Program management, administrative experience
  • Hardworking, reliable and diligent with good inter-personal skills
  • Willing to travel to sites in Cambodia (possibly on short notice)
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Must be able to obtain an American visa

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Independent practice experience after medical school
  • Cross-cultural skills – ability to work effectively as part of an intercultural team
  • Experience in managing mental health issues including counseling of patients
  • Experience in providing health education
  • Experience in training design and presentation of health-related material
  • Experience in the management and administration of a health unit
  • Current or former Peace Corps and/or international organization experience
  • Khmer language skills (written and verbal)

Application Requirements:

  1. A cover letter in English describing your interest in working with the Peace Corps
  2. A resume or C.V. that includes:
  • Professional positions held, identifying duties, responsibilities, dates of employment and reason for leaving
  • Education and training, identifying universities attended, dates of attendance, degrees and diplomas.
  • Professional licenses, certificates, registrations
  • An accounting/explanation for periods of unemployment longer than three months
  1. Photocopies of:
  • Diploma from medical school (if Medical Doctor).
  • Professional certification (if Nurse Practitioner). Certification of a Nurse Practitioner must be obtained by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or comparable organization in British Commonwealth (Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, etc.), or other country as approved by the Office of Health Services (OHS).
  • Professional medical license. If the license does not have an expiration date, written confirmation must be submitted directly from the issuing authority. Please note, if a license is not required, rather, the medical diploma is the license to practice, written confirmation, issued directly from the professional medical board, Ministry of Health or other appropriate regulatory authority establishing that the candidate is properly credentialed for medical practice, is required.

  1. The candidate should also provide the following:
    1. Date of birth
    2. Place of birth
    3. Citizenship
    4. Passport number
    5. Passport issue date
    6. Passport expiration date

All documents must be in English. Official translation is not required. Additional documentation will be required for candidates who move forward in the selection process.


Submit the documents listed above (items 1 – 4 under “Application Requirements”) to [email protected] with the title “PCMO”

  • Or, deliver to the Peace Corps Office - #7A, Street 256
  • Or, mail to Peace Corps Office, PO Box 2453, Phnom Penh 3

Applications that fail to follow application instructions or address the required qualifications or are submitted after 5:00pm on the closing date will not be considered. No phone calls or personal visits related to this vacancy will be accepted. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


The fulfillment of the Peace Corps’ mission to foster greater understanding among the world’s citizens requires that we adhere to the highest standards with respect to equal employment opportunity for all Volunteers, employees, and applicants. Discrimination based on factors that have no bearing on a person’s ability to serve and perform his or her duties is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

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