Burkina Faso


Executive Unit

Acting Country Director (ACD) - Philip Rudy

The CD is responsible for the overall management of PC Burkina Faso, including overseeing program direction and activities, Volunteers health, safety and support, personnel management and development, administrative and financial management. The CD serves as the liaison between PC Burkina Faso the Government of Burkina Faso and Peace Corps Headquarters. The CD works with the staff and the Volunteers to ensure effective representation with the Government of Burkina Faso and Peace Corps development partners. The CD may also sign any document when the primary signatory is absent.

Executive Assistant (EA) - Ramata Belemlilga

The EA provides direct support to the CD. The EA manages the CD’s calendar and appointments, and plans and organizes representational and other special events at the request of the CD. The EA is the back up for IRC manager and Receptionist. The EA is also responsible for producing the monthly newsletter (ZakRamba).

Safety and Security Manager (SSM) - Harouna Congo

Working in conjunction with the Country Director, APCDs, and GM, the SSM is responsible for oversight of Volunteer safety in the country and for ensuring that PC Burkina complies with PC safety and security standards. He develops S&S training for Pre-Service Training (PST) and In-Service Training (IST), organizes Emergency Action Plan (EAP) tests and collects, distributes and responds to incident reports involving PCVs.

Safety and Security Assistant (SSA)– Jean Zongo (JZ)

Working in conjunction with the SSM, Country Director, APCDs, and GM, the SSA is responsible for assisting the SSM, who is responsible for oversight of Volunteer safety in the country and for ensuring that PC Burkina complies with PC safety and security standards. He serves as the backup SSM when needed.

Monitoring Reporting and Evaluation Specialist (MRES)– Constantin Hien

The MRE Specialist is aimed at establishing monitoring systems, coordinating data flows, conducting staff development in MRE, leading PCV trainings in MRE, and providing leadership and coordination for timely and reliable data for analysis and reporting according to Peace Corps guidance and the requirements of US government funded partnerships. Under the supervision of the Country Director, he assists the programming team to provide quality monitoring, reporting, evaluation, data collection and analysis for volunteers’ activities in Burkina Faso. He provides input and works on tasks effecting overall post management and the success of the Peace Corps Burkina Faso programs and assists the DPT and Program Team in establishing an overall vision and mission for the country programs. The MRE Specialist provides input into the creation of Post’s strategic and operational plans.

Programming and Training Unit

Director of Programming & Training (DPT)– Neil Boyer

The DPT is responsible for ensuring coordination, management and guidance of program and training activities. To achieve this, he collaborates closely with the APCDs, TM and PTAs in project design, monitoring, evaluation and site preparation. He works in partnership with the CD, GM, and administrative staff to encourage continuity among programs. The DPT reports to the CD and may take on Acting CD or Acting DMO responsibilities during an absence of any of these positions. The DPT also oversees and provides support to the Peace Corps Response Volunteers.

Program Managers (APCDs) - Dr. Irene Ngendakumana (Health), Paul Ilboudo (Education), Yassine Kone (CED)

An APCD is the Volunteer’s direct Peace Corps supervisor and the first point-of-contact for PCVs concerning all non-medical matters. There is a designated APCD for each project sector. They are responsible for project design and implementation, secondary project support and oversight, site selection and preparation, technical training, Volunteer housing and host country counterpart relations (including with Government Ministries). They authorize all your official non-medical business and vacation leave and are resources on all aspects of Volunteer life, from project development to maintaining good community relations. The APCDs are responsible for correspondence between Peace Corps and host country agencies, recording and tracking volunteer leave, processing paperwork regarding COS and extensions.

Note that Yassine Idani serves as 1 of 2 “Sexual Assault Response Liaisons” (or SARLs) at post.

Programming and Training Assistants (PTAs) - Charles Kambou and Habybat Kone (Health), Firmin Kiemtore, Pascaline Lompo and Madi Ouedraogo (Education), André Oulé and Sylvie Tougouma (CED)

PTAs provide ongoing support in all programming and training aspects of the projects. Under the guidance of the APCD, they participate in the preparation of volunteers sites, conduct Volunteer site visits, monitor and evaluate PCVs’ work, assist in receiving and responding to PCVs’ quarterly reports. With the APCD, the PTA also serves as technical resource person to Volunteers in their sector on technical/project-related matters. PTAs serve as the lead technical coordinator/trainer during PST and IST and assists with logistical preparations, facilitating and attending training sessions; PTAs work with the Training Manager in preparing and implementing specific trainings for PCVs and their counterparts.

Training Manager (TM) - Thierry Younga

The TM is in charge of coordinating all training event design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. The TM ensures understanding and compliance of PC policies by all trainers and trainees. The TM recruits and trains trainers and coordinators and evaluates their performance. The TM ensures proper evaluation of all trainees and makes swearing-in recommendation to the CD and APCD.

Training Manager Assistant (TMA) – Theophile Millogo

The TMA works in close collaboration with the TM. He assists the TM in planning, implementing and evaluating all Peace Corps training. The TMA covers for the SSM in his absence and assists the SSM in the design and delivery of safety and security modules to Trainees and Volunteers at PST, IST and any other PC Burkina Faso sponsored training events.

Language and Culture Coordinator (LCC) - Siaka Coulibaly

The LCC is responsible for the organization and recruitment of LCC facilitators. He develops, implements, monitors and evaluates the Trainees’ language learning program and identifies, selects, and trains the host families who will receive Trainees. The LCC organizes, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the cultural adaptation process of the Trainees.

Let Girls Learn Coordinator (LGLC) - Souleymane Diallo

The Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining contacts with senior level government officials to plan develop and manage projects in accordance with goals and priorities of both Peace Corps and the Government of Burkina Faso. In addition, the Coordinator will identify and coordinate with other national and international development organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that can be (or already are) involved in Education activities.

The Grants Manager (GM) - Aicha Pitroipa

The GM coordinates all grant programs, including the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) and Small Project Assistance (SPA). This position assists all PCVs in better understanding the grant requirements, deadlines, criteria, and reporting requirements. The GM is the protocol liaison to US Embassy/Ouagadougou and the media. As such, the GM is the focal point for large special events, such as a PC reception, awards ceremonies, etc. Requests for contacts or ideas that could be used by media personnel, such as radio or TV, should be directed to the GM who can get you all in touch with key media personnel if you have any promotional ideas.

Note that Aicha serves as 1 of 2 “Sexual Assault Response Liaisons” (or SARLs) at post.

Information Resource Center (IRC) Manager/Program Secretary (IRCM)- Vacant

The IRC manager provides administrative support to the program team and is responsible for ordering the books for the IRC, participating in and holding trainings for PCVs and staff and managing the library.

Site Preparation Coordinator (SPC) - Bienvenu Ouedraogo

The SPC reports to the Director of Programming and Training (DPT) and also works closely with the APCDs and Training Manager. S/he is primarily responsible for ensuring that sites selected by the Programming team are properly prepared for new Volunteers. The SPC also assists Programming staff and current PCVs with advice and resolving housing issues at existing sites.

Medical Unit

Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) - Jean-Luc Eyango, MD & Dawn Camara, MD and Backup Medical Provider – Yu-Ching Yu, MD

The PCMOs report to the CD and the Office of Health Services (OHS)/PC Washington and are charged with meeting health care needs of Trainees and Volunteers. The primary responsibility of the PCMOs is to establish and maintain a health care system that responds to the needs of Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers in the field in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. This includes immunizations, primary health care or coordinating medical care in the regional hospitals or clinics, managing all medevacs and referrals to specialists, and maintaining health records according to US standards. They participate in reviewing proposed Volunteer sites. They perform periodic site visits to check on suitability of PCV housing and living conditions.

Medical Assistant – Rose Yanogo

The MA is responsible for providing administrative support and, to the extent credentialed, clinical support, including but not limited to; working as the health unit receptionist, actively assisting the PCMO in clinical procedures, screening phone calls, taking messages, maintaining records of all international phone calls and faxes, coordinating requests, medical appointments, distribution of medicines to PCVs (includes Peace Corps Trainees and Response Volunteers) under PCMO oversight, and other clerical and administrative functions in support of the PCMO(s).

Medical Secretary - Mariam Diarra

The medical secretary provides administrative support to the medical office such as scheduling appointments, ordering and stocking medical inventory and maintaining medical files.

Administrative Unit

Director of Management & Operations (DMO) – Julien Denakpo

The DMO is responsible for the post’s administrative management including supervision of admin/finance staff, budgeting, accounting, cashier oversight, procurement, vehicle dispatch, equipment maintenance, land lease and contract negotiation. The DMO authorizes reimbursements related to house improvements and other expenditures beyond the scope of Volunteers’ living allowance; handles all out-of-country official travel and expenditures; and distributes and collects all PC property for Volunteer use. In the event that the CD is out of the country, the DMO may assume the role of Acting CD.

Deputy DMO (DDMO) - Rachel Sawadogo

The DDMO serves as an assistant to the DMO in four areas: human resources, volunteer support and training, staff supervision, and financial management and planning. In addition, she functions as the Acting DMO when the DMO is absent as well as the alternate cashier for post.

Information Technology Specialist (ITS) – Marcel Niampa

The ITS is responsible for all information technology in the main office in Ouagadougou, the regional office in Bobo and the training site. The ITS manages the computer network, provides staff computer training and troubleshoots a variety of ICT problems for Peace Corps. The ITS is not permitted to work on PCV personal computers.

Cashier - Sidi Mahamadi Guigma

The Cashier is supervised by the DMO and is responsible for managing and maintaining Post’s petty cash (Imprest fund) and operates under the US Treasury Regulations. The Cashier makes cash payments to Trainees, Volunteers, staff and vendors and also works with HQ as necessary.

Senior Financial Assistant (FA) - Antoinette Assagwe

The Senior FA supports the DMO in a variety of administrative, financial and logistical tasks including: budget analysis; voucher payments; inventory; procurement; PST and IST expenditures; living allowance payments; readjustment allowance payments; staff travel, volunteer MEDEVAC, emergency and COS travel. The Senior FA serves as the alternate cashier for post when the primary cashier is absent.

Human Resource Specialist (HR Specialist) – Denise Sawadogo

The HR Specialist coordinates all recruitment processes including development and posting announcements, organizes interview panels, schedules interviews, reviews candidates for minimum qualifications as well as coordinates all personnel actions for Peace Corps Burkina Faso office in accordance with Post-specific and United States Government (USG) policies.

Financial Assistant/Voucher Examiner (FA/VE) – Sandrine Nébié

The VE supports the DMO in a variety of administrative, financial and logistical tasks including: voucher analysis; voucher payments, contract and lease preparation, amendments and modifications and other personnel related issues.

Volunteer Support Coordinator (VSC)– Hajara Banse

The VSC acts as the principal liaison between Volunteers/Trainees and PC Burkina Administration, and is therefore the first point of contact for PCV/T’s when they have questions or issues relating to administrative issues.

Receptionist – Halimata Sawadogo

The Receptionist is the first point of contact for both visitors and people calling on the phone. The receptionist will direct visitors, inform staff that they have a call and handle all other receptionist duties.

General Services Manager and Assistant - Dramane Barry (GSM), Celestin Damiba (GSA)

The GSM team is responsible for the coordination and provision of Peace Corps’ supplies, property, travel, and administrative services. In addition, they oversee the work of the drivers, cleaners and coordinate logistics for regional offices and conferences.

General Services Administrative Assistant (GSAA)/Mail Clerk - Vacant

The Mail Clerk tracks Volunteer mail and packages delivered to the main PC Ouagadougou address, organizes items sent to/from the Embassy and other points in Ouagadougou and serves helps the DMO and DDMO with arranging for international travel for PCVs and staff.

General Services Messenger – Souleymane Belem

The GSA Messenger is working closely with the Motor Pool Coordinator and the GSM. He Delivers/retrieves all Peace Corps official and personal mail including packages between Peace Corps, the Embassy mail room, and local post office. Delivers mail to local Ministries, businesses and Vendors. Responsible for meeting outgoing official U.S. pouch deadlines to assure mail is distributed and received in a timely manner.

Motor Pool Coordinator - Cyr Laurent Ouédraogo

The Motor Pool coordinator is responsible for coordinating the movement of all PC Burkina Faso vehicles.

Drivers – Jacques Raga Kaboré, Alexis Compaoré, Valentin Koutoukou, Abraham Lankoandé, Pascal Nana, Moussa Ouedraogo, Idrissa Sanfo, Louis Yameogo; Boukari Nebie

In addition to driving Peace Corps vehicles, our drivers provide significant support in site identification and preparation and are excellent resources on everything from prices of commonly needed goods and services to relations with the village. They are also trained to repair bikes.

Transit House Manager - Combary Toumbengou

Combary also serves as an in-house bike mechanic.

Transit House Cleaners - Agathe Kanki & Prosper Soubeiga

The cleaners ensure that the Transit House is clean. They also assist the GSM in making sure there is an adequate supply of cleaning products.

Janitor/PC Bureau – Etienne Logda & Rosalie Dounadaga

The janitors are responsible for the daily cleaning of the Peace Corps office and insuring that there is an adequate supply of clean water in the water coolers.

Bobo Office Driver/Logistician – Vincent Barro

In addition to driving Peace Corps vehicles, our drivers provide significant support in site development and are excellent resources on everything from prices of commonly needed goods and services to relations with the village. They are also trained to repair bikes.