Burkina Faso



Volunteers live in communities where they integrate into the population and work alongside members of the community. This integration allows our Volunteers to make significant contributions to the sustainable development of their communities.

Ministry of Education

We work with the Ministry of Education to help the Burkina Faso government reach its educational goals and objectives. Within the Ministry of Education, we work closely with the Offices of Gender and Girls’ Education. These areas are priorities for the Government of Burkina Faso and the Peace Corps.

Ministry of Health

We work with the Ministry of Health to promote healthy living in communities. Our common priority areas are malaria prevention and control, behavior change communication, nutrition promotion, reduction of teen pregnancies, improved sanitation and hygiene, promotion of family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Ministry of Agriculture and Water

We work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water to help rural, small scale farmers improve their agriculture-based enterprises in an effort to advance and sustain their food security and, ultimately, their resiliency.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

We work with the CRS to improve the education system in Burkina Faso. We also work with CRS to increase smallholder farmer household income and improve business management.