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Director's Welcome

Peace Corps commenced its work in Botswana in 1966. To say that a lot has changed since then would be a gross understatement. Botswana has literally transformed itself over the past fifty years, and is a model for what African nations can achieve through hard work and good governance. Peace Corps is proud to be one of Botswana’s most steadfast partners in development. More than 2,500 Volunteers have served in Botswana over the past five decades.

Peace Corps briefly departed Botswana near the end of the 1990s given the high level of development attained by then. But we returned in 2003, when invited back by former President Mogae to assist in addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Volunteers resumed working closely with their counterparts in a host of organizations – from clinics to NGOs, schools to government offices. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle AIDS, and we intend to help however we can – especially through strengthening local capacity.

Today we have over 130 Peace Corps Volunteers working all across Botswana, from the smallest of villages to within the largest of Ministries. Over the past five years, Volunteers have conducted HIV prevention interventions with over 94,000 individuals. We are working collaboratively and getting results.

Peace Corps remains fiercely proud of Botswana, as it again plays a leadership role in the world – this time through aggressively addressing HIV/AIDS. With continued focused efforts and adoption of progressive policies such as test and treat, Botswana can and will achieve epidemic control! We very much look forward to that day.