Tilapia-Farming project in my village

By Andy M.
Sept. 1, 2017

When discussing projects with the village council and school personnel, I suggested a Tilapia-farming project. 

I explained that this project could fit many needs in the community including providing food security to the village and school and creating economic opportunities for those villagers without jobs. They liked the idea of the project and I am proud to say there is a strong community backing for this project. 

Andy and CPs
PCV Andy and his counterparts looking at Tilapia pond to gather an idea of how to built theirs.

Like all community projects, this one will require proper planning and coordination. The idea of the project is to build a concrete Tilapia pond at the school that will serve as the center of learning by providing workshops as well as provide food security for the school. The community members who participate in workshops will have the skills necessary to build their own ponds and form a cooperative, where they can sell their harvest in the village, and in a nearby town. 

Andy and his CPs visiting Central Farm
PCV Andy and his counterparts during the visit to the Department of Agriculture.

Recently, my counterparts and I visited the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Cooperatives in Central Farm, Cayo District, to discuss how we could best utilize their resources to make this a successful project. Both departments provided excellent feedback to our initiatives. 

Andy and his CPs looking at Tilapia farming
PCV Andy and his counterparts learning more about Tilapia farming.

Currently, we are coordinating a village-wide meeting with the Department of Cooperatives to form the cooperative. Meanwhile, we are also working with the Department of Agriculture on a blueprint for the school pond. From there, we need to continue cooperating to host workshops, acquire materials, plan and build ponds, and continue to introduce more Belizeans to the taste of Tilapia.