A random conversation turned into my best health education opportunity

By Anna M.
Jan. 26, 2017

This past month I was invited to help a group of women prepare Caldo chilan (local chicken soup) for a group of men who were going to the farm to plant. Ten of us women were all sitting in a circle as we plucked the feathers and began cutting up the chicken.

One of them asked me what “Sweet Blood” was and how you get it. It opened up a great question and answer session about diabetes and hypertension among the women. Most of them didn’t know that it was preventable or that the body converts tortillas into sugar. The women were engaged and asked so many questions. This was one of the best health education opportunities I have had in my community, and it happened so informally and by accident!

Anna Mahoney
Anna M. is serving in a Q'eqchi Mayan community.
Chicken cleaning
Q'eqchi women love making Caldo Chilan (local chicken soup) from local chicken.