Combining physical exercise with education and seeing the results

By Sarah P.
Jan. 25, 2017

Towards the end of February, I started a workout group.

Approximately five to six women came initially. Using a tape measure and scale, I took their initial measurements and weight. I also started tracking their attendance for each meeting. We meet four times a week  for an hour at the community center or on a nearby hill and do a mixture of different exercise videos, cardio, and body-weight exercises. We mainly focus on boot-camp/HIIT style exercises and hill workouts. 

Through our sessions, I emphasize the importance of proper hydration, fruits and vegetables, other aspects of healthy eating, the difference between fat and muscle, and the impact of fat/lack of exercise on our overall physical and mental health.  I also provide different pieces of motivation, one of which is a picture of what five pounds of fat look like. Over time the group has increased in size to about 13-14 women. Whenever a person joins, I take their initial measurements so that after a period of consistency, they can see with numbers, apart from the number on a scale, how they've changed and where they've changed. I also emphasize that the number on a scale is not always indicative of change. 

There are a few dedicated women whose measurements and weight I’ve been taking for over two months of participation. Two women in particular had lost more than a total of 10 inches but had not lost any weight according to the scale. Both reported feeling smaller, fitting into their clothes better, and now feeling even more motivated. Their success was contagious as other women present felt more motivation from their success. I am hoping that through the example of these two women and changes seen in myself that the other women of the workout group and anyone else who decides to join in the future will be motivated to attend and keep up the healthy practices.

Sarah exercise group
The exercise group meets twice a week and do a mixture of different exercise videos, cardio and body-weight exercises.