Building relationships in my community

By Sierra Jackson
Sept. 16, 2020

As I enter the 6 month mark at site I have had some time to reflect on how things are going, and overall nothing but GREAT!

In the beginning of service some of the energy I felt was strange, but that was expected because I was unknown to everyone. So I began working on my relationships in the communities, mostly by spending as much time as possible getting to know them. When I am invited to attend an event I try to find the time to and while present I attempt to be as engaged as possible, whether that's lending a helping hand or through small talks with locals. I find my visibility to be an important factor towards building community relationships and wearing identifying items like a name tag or a Peace Corps polo.

I have had the pleasure of working in both of my community primary schools in which I co-teach HFLE lessons. The teachers are providing a lesson plan for the desired learning outcome and a discussion is had about which content should be taught by whom. Typically teachers appreciate Peace Corps addition of creativity with posters, activities, videos, and the American perspective. Often the question of "how is it in the U.S.A?" is posed. The students especially enjoy hearing about my culture and are always eager to ask more questions.

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Sierra and children from one of the classes she taught during her service.