The Battle of the NCDs

By Chase B.
Jan. 25, 2017

After a random late night, I began to discuss my ideas about a village event with counterparts to educate the children of my village on non-communicable diseases (NCD’s). 

The event idea was to somehow uniquely engage primary school students and them ultimately benefiting with an increase of knowledge. The solution we came up with... have them compete! There are four major NCD's that are prevalent in all six districts of Belize: Cardiovascular, Chronic Respiratory, Cancers, and Diabetes. Each of the four upper level classes that were selected to participate, were assigned one of the four major NCD's. Included in their assignment, was to develop a creative presentation as a class to cover sub-topics for their assigned NCD such as: prevention, risk factors, danger/warning signs, and treatment.

The teachers and students worked tirelessly on their projects.

For a solid month, I was in and out of each class during their scheduled health class periods to assist them in any way possible. After each class had completed their beautiful posters and their creative presentations they were then judged on who had the most correct information, best public speaking, most creativity, presentation management and organization. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what the prize was for the winning class– a field trip to the Belize Zoo!

The school's population is 450 students.

It was time for the big day and with the collaboration between local counterparts, fellow Volunteers and myself this health educational event was successfully planned and implemented at the village primary school. The event included the participation of the entire school— 450 students. The classes rotated their presentations and fellow Volunteers led educational games/activities  that correspond to each of the four major NCD's that had been targeted. After the long day of presentations a class winner was announced for best overall presentation... Cardiovascular!

Children presented on their topics to other children.
The Cardiovascular group was awarded the winner.