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Country Director's Welcome for Belize

Country Director headshot
Dr. Nadine Rogers, Country Director for Peace Corps Belize

Welcome to Belize! Whether you are already on your way, or giving it lots of thought, we are so excited that you are considering joining us in this diverse and beautiful country, filled with amazing people, linked by a rich history. Peace Corps Volunteers are the hands and feet that are fulfilling the Peace Corps Mission of “spreading world peace and friendship.” As is our strategy worldwide, we partner with nations, on efforts that build capacity at the community level, we share our American experience, and we take home what we have learned. It sounds so easy, but to achieve this incredible goal takes time, commitment, discipline, and intentionality. We’ve been partnering with the people of Belize since 1962. We are working on literacy at the elementary school level and youth development through sports.

Peace Corps Volunteers have been showing up every day—even on the tough ones when they miss their families or feel as though they aren’t making progress. Even when their feet feel heavy, or they are homesick, they remain committed to addressing the gaps in learning and youth development driven by disparities in wealth and access to resources. Our model is different to others in the development landscape. Our partnership is not exclusively with the government, although that is where it begins. Rather Peace Corps Volunteers are integrated into a larger experience known as Volunteer Service—an experience that includes Belizean counterparts, Host Families, community members, and Peace Corps staff. We teach our Volunteers to appreciate Belizean culture and integrate into Belizean communities—serving alongside community members and building lasting relationships.

Peace Corps Volunteers have been sharing America—her culture, traditions, experiences, music, art—with Belizeans for over 60 years. Likewise, we’ve been learning about Belize—how to prepare her foods, speak her languages, respect her social norms, appreciate her music, and integrate into her communities. We see intercultural exchange as being key to shaping respectful partnerships. How else can we work together on major issues like enhancing early childhood literacy, or presenting young people with opportunities to gain physical strength, access to opportunities, and critical life skills if we don’t understand each other’s ways?

I really hope that this sounds exciting. I really hope that you are inspired by what we are doing. If the answer is yes, then that means that you might be ready to become a development professional, selected by the U.S. Government to support its Mission in a place where we have been for over 60 years. We are looking for Americans who are committed to a 27-month service experience in partnership with others and in response to Belize’s development goals. Of course, those who commit to this experience benefit greatly. You gain lifelong relationships, language skills in Kriol and Spanish, on-the-job experience in international development, and support to continue your education or a federal career. Make no mistake, it is a real job not a boondoggle. However, it is a job that will challenge you, change you, and fill you with joy.

Please let us know if you’d like to join us in pursuing our vision for the work that we do:

We use intercultural exchange to shape respectful partnerships that inspire individuals, transform communities, and advance Belize’s development goals.


Nadine Rogers, PhD, PMP

Country Director

Peace Corps Belize