Passport and Visa Instructions for Peace Corps Volunteers

All the information and guidance you need to submit your request for your Peace Corps passport is here.

Now that you’ve been invited to serve in the Peace Corps, you must apply for your passport and visa immediately to ensure you are eligible to depart for service.

All Peace Corps Invitees must apply for a no-fee passport, even if you already possess a personal passport. Not all Peace Corps countries require a visa.

Passport instructions

Start over

Question 1

Have you been previously issued a No-Fee Passport for Peace Corps Service or have you applied for one in the last two years?

Note: If you do not know, answer NO.

Question 2

Have you ever had a Special Issuance Diplomatic or family member diplomatic passport?

Note: If you do not know, answer NO.

Question 3

Have you ever had a Special Issuance Official Government Employee or family member Passport?

Note: If you do not know, answer NO.

Question 4

Are you applying from outside of the U.S.?

Question 5

Do you currently possess a valid (un-expired) U.S. Passport Book?

Question 6

Was your U.S. Passport issued to you after your 16th birthday?

Question 7

Was your personal U.S. Passport issued after ?

Question 8

Was your personal U.S. Passport issued with a 10 year validity period?

Question 9

Is your personal U.S. Passport in your possession and is all the information on the photo page readable?

Your next step:

Please contact us at [email protected] to confirm if any further action is needed. If you have been issued a No-Fee Peace Corps Passport and have it in your possession please list the expiration date when you contact us.

Visa instructions by country

Country Documentation
Albania No visa required
Armenia No visa required
Belize No visa required
Benin Visa instructions [PDF]
Botswana No visa required
Cambodia Visa instructions [PDF]
Cameroon Visa instructions [PDF]
Colombia Instructions Sent After No-Fee Passport Issued
Comoros Visa issued in country
Costa Rica No visa required
Dominican Republic Visa instructions [PDF]
Eastern Caribbean No visa required
Ecuador Visa instructions [PDF]
Eswatini No visa required
Ethiopia Visa instructions [PDF]
Fiji No visa required
Georgia No visa required
Ghana Visa instructions [PDF]
Guatemala No visa required
Guinea Visa instructions [PDF]
Guyana No visa required
Indonesia Visa instructions [DOCX]
Jamaica Visa instructions [PDF]
Kenya Visa instructions [PDF]
Kosovo No visa required
Kyrgyz Republic Visa instructions [PDF]
Lesotho No visa required
Liberia Visa instructions [PDF]
Madagascar Visa instructions [PDF]
Malawi No visa required
Mexico Visa instructions [PDF]
Moldova No visa required
Mongolia Visa instructions [PDF]
Montenegro No visa required
Morocco No visa required
Mozambique Visa instructions [PDF]
Myanmar Visa instructions [PDF]
Namibia Visa instructions [PDF]
Nepal Visa instructions [PDF]
North Macedonia No visa required
Panama Instructions Sent After No-Fee Passport Issued
Paraguay Visa instructions [PDF]
Peru Visa instructions [PDF]
Philippines Visa instructions [PDF]
Rwanda Visa issued in country
Samoa No visa required
Senegal Visa instructions [PDF]
Sierra Leone Visa instructions [PDF]
South Africa Visa instructions [PDF]
Sri Lanka Visa instructions [PDF]
Tanzania Visa instructions [PDF]
Thailand Visa instructions [PDF]
The Gambia Visa instructions [PDF]
Timor-Leste No visa required
Togo Visa instructions [PDF]
Tonga No visa required
Uganda Visa instructions [PDF]
Ukraine Instructions Sent After No-Fee Passport Issued
Vanuatu Visa issued in country
Zambia Visa instructions [PDF]