Returning to Service for Evacuated Volunteers

Peace Corps is eager for Volunteers to return to service as soon as the health and safety of Volunteers, staff, and host communities can be assured.

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As you can imagine, in these unprecedented and uncertain times, Peace Corps needs to fully assess readiness to return to operations both in the United States and in each of the countries we serve. This is an extremely complex process that must be conducted in collaboration with each of our host country governments.

We are continuing to learn more about how countries are responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and we realize that some countries may be ready well before other countries to receive Volunteers again. Even within a single country, there may be regions or programs that may open earlier than others – due to health, safety and security concerns, or due to pandemic-related programmatic disruptions.

Options for return to service

As an evacuated Peace Corps Volunteer or Peace Corps Response Volunteer interested in returning to service, you will be given priority in placement. Your options are reinstatement or re-enrollment. You’ll have the opportunity to express your preferences for returning to service and whether you have an interest in one or both options within the expedited application. The options are outlined below:

Option 1: Reinstatement

Return to your original country, regardless of how long you previously served, for a term of service defined by Peace Corps and the host country. If you are interested in returning to your original site, we will do our best to make that happen, although we cannot make any guarantees.

Option 2: Re-enrollment

Start another full term of service (generally 2 years) including training. This is a great option if you would like to commit to a new Peace Corps assignment.

If you strongly prefer reinstatement, you may need to think about how long you are willing to wait and whether you would consider re-enrollment as an alternate option. If you would consider re-enrollment, you’ll need to express that interest in the application.

Step-by-step process

  1. Apply

    Express your interest in returning to service by submitting the Expedited Application created just for you. Doing so as soon as possible allows us to inform countries of your interests, thus allowing them to begin planning.

    You’ll be asked to update your information with Peace Corps and to tell us more about your interests in returning to service. You will also need to complete a new Health History Form so we have the most up-to-date information about your health for the medical clearance process.

    For more information see our FAQs for evacuees returning to service.

  2. Discuss

    • Whether for reinstatement or reenrollment, you will receive a notification when the country has been cleared for re-entry.
    • If you applied to reinstate to service, and if Peace Corps determines that the reinstatement criteria are satisfied, you will be offered a specific term of service and departure date.
    • If selecting a new Peace Corps assignment, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with us about the new assignment before we make a re-enrollment determination and you receive an invitation. A skill assessment may need to be conducted.
  3. Prepare

    After accepting your invitation, you’ll prepare for service.

    You may need to provide updated information for your medical clearance. Completing your COS physical and other authorized tests will be important as, depending on when your service is scheduled to begin, the results may be able to be used in the medical clearance process.

    You may be asked to submit new fingerprints for legal clearance if your departure for service is more than one year from your completion of service (COS).

These are unprecedented times.

If there’s any community that can rise to the challenge, it’s the Peace Corps and you.

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