Returning to Service for Evacuated Volunteers

Coming in early June, there will be an expedited application specifically for evacuated Volunteers interested in returning to service.

As you can imagine, there are many steps that the Peace Corps needs to assess so we can guarantee a safe return to the field for our Volunteers while addressing the unique challenges facing each one of our host countries.

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As an evacuated Volunteer who is interested in returning to Peace Corps service, you have two options to consider: reinstatement or re-enrollment. In either option, you’ll have the opportunity to express your preferences for returning to service and whether you have any interest in the alternate option.

Option 1: Reinstatement

Return to your original country of service. Although we cannot promise to return you to your original site, we will do our best to do so, if you are interested.

Option 2: Re-enrollment

Start another full term of service (generally 2 years). This is a great option if you would like to commit to a new Peace Corps assignment in a different country than your original country of service and includes training.

What you need to know as you plan ahead:

  • For now: Sign-up for emails for the latest status for returning to service.
  • Early June 2020: Consider the best option for you (reinstatement or re-enrollment) and apply!
  • Summer 2020: Peace Corps may start issuing invitations as we assess, in partnership with our host country governments, if the conditions are right to welcome back Volunteers.
  • October 2020: The earliest date Volunteers may be sent back to the field.

Step-by-step details

Timing will vary depending on the unique factors and issues in each country, with our Volunteers’ safety as our number one priority. We will assess each country, in partnership with our host country governments, to identify when conditions will be right to welcome Volunteers back to service.

At this point, we’re not issuing invitations since we're not planning on sending Volunteers back before September 30, 2020, but we are taking steps to ensure we're ready!

Here is the process you can expect:

  1. Decide

    Determine how you’d like to return to service:

    1. Return to your original country of service, or
    2. Pursue a new Peace Corps assignment in another country.
  2. Notify

    Complete the expedited application that will be created just for you. You’ll be asked to update your information with Peace Corps and to tell us more about your interests in returning to service, including your preferences to reinstate or re-enroll and any flexibility you may have for the alternate option. You will also need to complete a new Health History Form so we have the most up-to-date information about your health.

  3. Discuss

    If you want to return to your original country of service, and if Peace Corps determines that you meet the criteria, then you will be invited to return to your original program!

    If selecting a new Peace Corps assignment, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with us about the new assignment before we make a re-enrollment determination and you receive an invitation. A skill assessment may need to be conducted.

  4. Prepare

    After accepting your invitation, you’ll prepare for service. You may need to provide updated information for your medical clearance process and apply for a new passport and visa.

    It is unlikely that you will need to submit new fingerprints cards for legal clearance, but you may be asked to do so if your departure for service is more than one year from your completion of service (COS).

These are unprecedented times.

If there’s any community that can rise to the challenge, it’s the Peace Corps and you.

We are eager to continue our mission and want to make it as seamless as possible for you to apply and return to service.

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