Stories from Albania

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Albania.

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Minju Kim

At the end of last month, I returned to New York City from Albania for a close friend's wedding. 

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Thanksgiving food drive for the elderly in Vlore, Albania

While Albania celebrates many of the same holidays as the rest of the world, one American celebration is still unknown. 

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Minnesota elementary school students learn about life in Albania

What kind of animals do they have in Albania? Do kids ride bikes? How do they build their homes? Do they play hockey? 

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Justin Parmenter, Peace Corps Albania, with donkey

Not long ago I had the privilege of being a teacher chaperone for a group of American eighth graders on an exchange trip to southern France.  

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Indonesia sunrise

Rise with the sun.

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Mitesh Patel

We asked these Peace Corps trainees heading to Albania why they joined the Peace Corps. 

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Albania’s “Camp No Name”

“Camp No Name” (Kampi Pa Emer) is a summer camp for young ethnic Albanians and Roma to come together and learn arts and crafts, as well as peace, love and friendship.

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