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Genevieve De los Santos Evenhouse
Served in Guinea (2006-2007), Zambia (2007-2008), Guyana (2008-2009), Uganda (2015-2016)
Mamadou Diaw
Served in Senegal
Peace Corps staff
Liz Fanning
Served in Morocco (1993-1995)
Karla Sierra
Served in Panama (2010-2012), Panama (2013-2013)
Roberto Yangco
Served in Philippines
Peace Corps staff
Robert "Bob" Arias
Served in Colombia (1964-1966), Panama (2009-2010), Paraguay (2010-2011), Colombia (2011-2013)
Lauren Breland
Served in Thailand (2014-2017)
T.A. "Froggy" Chance
Served in Jamaica
Peace Corps staff
W. Bryan Dwyer
Served in El Salvador (2000-2002), Belize, Honduras, Rwanda
Peace Corps staff
Dr. Brian Goff Smith
Served in Guatemala (2003-2006)
Theresa Govert
Served in Botswana (2013-2016)
Maria Francisca Asturias
Served in Guatemala
Peace Corps staff
Joe Carroll Jaycox
Served in Venezuela (1962-1964)
Kathryn Davies Clark
Served in Sierra Leone (1968-1969), Jamaica (1984-1987)
Robert Ferguson
Served in Mexico (2007-2011)
Christopher "Chris" Fontanesi
Served in Romania (2007-2011)
Mostafa Lamqaddam
Served in Morocco
Peace Corps staff
William Bull
Served in Sierra Leone (1985-1988)
Peace Corps staff
Roland Alexander Foulkes
Served in Ghana (1982-1984)
Anthony "Tony" Gasbarro
Served in Dominican Republic (1962-1964), El Salvador (1996-1998)