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Alexandra Escobar
Served in China (2012-2013)
Ferney Giraldo
Served in Guatemala (2008-2010)
Jo Ann Jenkins
Hugh Williams
Served in Sierra Leone (1974-1976)
Rodney Davis-Gilber
Served in Micronesia (1989-1991)
Barbara Ferguson Kamara
Served in Liberia (1963-1995)
Leslie Jean-Pierre
Served in Guinea (1994-1996)
Rollin Johnson
Served in Nepal (2003-2004), Burkina Faso (2004-2005)
Richard Lopez
Served in Mongolia (2008-2010)
Joshuah Marshall
Served in Morocco (2007-2009)
Rosette Nguyen
Served in Guinea (1994-1996)
Dr. Fred Ochieng
Dr. Milton Ochieng
Seth Pickens
Served in Haiti (2001-2003)
Jonathan "Jon" Santiago
Served in Dominican Republic (2006-2008)
Tony S. Chung
Served in Ukraine (2004-2006)
Adrienne Gordon Fagle
Served in Russia (1995-1997)
Veneeth Iyengar
Served in Philippines (2002-2004)
James A. Joseph
Michael Kim
Served in Guyana (1997-1999)