2021 Lillian Carter Award

The Lillian Carter Award honors outstanding returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in the Peace Corps at age 50 and over.

The Lillian Carter Award is a wonderful celebration of what is best about the Peace Corps—offering up some of America's best to the world, and bringing the world home to other Americans.

President Jimmy Carter

The award was established in 1986 in honor of former President Carter's mother, Lillian Carter, who served as a health Volunteer in India in 1966 at age 68. Lillian Carter’s commitment to Peace Corps service was an extension of her tireless dedication and support of people and humanitarian organizations at home and abroad.

The 2021 Lillian Carter Award ceremony will emphasize the extraordinary impact Peace Corps Volunteers over the age of 50 have made around the globe and in the United States. This award ceremony will acknowledge Miss Lillian’s legacy, the 2021 award recipient, and the over 241,000 American citizens, 13,898 of whom served at age 50 and over, who have dedicated themselves to promoting world peace and friendship since the Peace Corps was established 60 years ago in 1961.

Awardees must have demonstrated a commitment to civic engagement and service, advancing the Peace Corps’ mission of promoting world peace and friendship, and the Peace Corps’ Third Goal of strengthening Americans’ understanding of the world and its people. Nominations will be evaluated after the close of the nomination period on May 23, 2021. All nominators and nominees will be notified of whether or not a nominee has been selected to receive the award. Notifications are estimated to be sent between June 8, 2021 and June 23, 2021.