Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn helps adolescent girls attain a quality education and enables them to reach their full potential. Educating girls is essential to healthy and thriving communities but, globally, more than 62 million girls are not in school, and barriers to adolescent girls completing school are particularly significant. In some countries, fewer than 10% of teenage girls complete secondary school. Let Girls Learn was launched by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in March 2015.

Three girls sitting at desks in a classroom.
Let Girls Learn increases opportunities for girls.

As part of the initiative, the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Program encourages community-led solutions by empowering local leaders to put lasting solutions in place. Peace Corps Volunteers who live and work at the grassroots level serve as catalysts of change, and every American can get involved and make a difference. Since the launch of Let Girls Learn, with the help of corporate partners and individual donors from all over the U.S., Peace Corps has funded projects in all the regions where we operate.

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Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Camps have, for 20 years, been part of Peace Corps Volunteers’ efforts to improve girls’ access to education and empowerment.

Our Work

The Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Program has three key pillars, or goals:

1. Empowering Leaders

We increase gender awareness by delivering targeted trainings which reach thousands of Volunteers and tens of thousands of community leaders - empowering them to become champions of girls' education.

2. Working Hand in Hand with Communities

Our Peace Corps Volunteers work side by side with local leaders to achieve community-based solutions through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. From a school library to a technology camp for girls, under Let Girls Learn, Peace Corps Volunteers working on gender-related projects can apply for support through the Let Girls Learn fund.

A female Peace Corps Volunteer and many adolescent girls stand outside in front of a crowd.
Let Girls Learn is a partnership between Volunteers and communities.

3. Increasing the Impact of Peace Corps Volunteers

We support Peace Corps Volunteers work to break down the social and cultural barriers to girls' education in the communities they serve. Under Let Girls Learn, we're expanding the number of Volunteers focused on advancement of girls' education and empowerment.

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I didn’t know that I could write, that I could be an author, that I have a voice.

a teenage girl who participated in a GIrls Leading Our World (GLOW) camp in Liberia.
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Many U.S. government agencies are working together to Let Girls Learn.

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If you also care about making sure girls have access to education, we'd love to work with you. Here are the ways you can get involved and help make a difference.


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Directly support on-the-ground projects that our Volunteers and their communities have designed to improve access to education for girls. 100% of your contribution goes directly to helping girls across the globe.


Build support for Let Girls Learn in your own community. Check out our comprehensive toolkit for great ideas on how to get others involved.

Let Girls Learn
Help empower girls across the globe.


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