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Stomp Out Malaria in Africa

Since launching Stomp Out Malaria in Africa in 2011, the Peace Corps has supported the President's Malaria Initiative by training over 800 specialized Volunteers across all Peace Corps sectors to serve in communities across the African continent.

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Peace Corps Response Volunteer Jane Colman talks about Stomping Out Malaria efforts in Zambia, including a mosquito net durability study undertaken through the President’s Malaria Initiative.

Our work

Stomp Out Malaria in Africa was built on the belief that through strategic partnerships, targeted mobilization of human resources, intelligent use of information technology, and radically efficient use of seed funding, the Peace Corps can focus Volunteer efforts in sub-Saharan Africa to make an immediate and measurable impact in the fight against malaria.

The Stomp Out Malaria in Africa Initiative has three key pillars:

1. Working at the grassroots level

We work to ensure that every malaria-impacted community where a Peace Corps Volunteer serves, from rural to urban, has universal bed net coverage and comprehensive malaria prevention and treatment education programs. We look for innovation at the grassroots level, recognizing that solutions are found within communities.

2. Collaborating with partners

We understand the value of working with other organizations, large and small. We support their efforts and cultivate strategic relationships that allow community-driven pilots to scale. We believe that supporting strong institutions, from the community to national levels, is key to eliminating malaria.

3. Sharing knowledge

We share knowledge widely, knowing that an innovative best practice identified at the community level has the potential to save lives across the world. We believe that there is a key role for technology—mobile phones, mapping, and communications—in eliminating malaria, and we support individuals and organizations attempting to leverage technology to share information.

Get involved

If you're interested in joining our fight to end malaria, here are some ways you can get involved.


Directly support on-the-ground projects that our Volunteers and their communities have designed to prevent malaria. Your entire contribution goes directly to the project.


Are you a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer looking to serve again? Peace Corps Response has a number of malaria prevention openings. Apply to be part of the team that is making zero malaria a reality.