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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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Diversity and Inclusion at the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is committed to giving all employees, Volunteers, and applicants an equal opportunity for employment and Volunteer service. We strive to reflect the rich diversity of the United States in our workforce, applying unique perspectives to global challenges so we can make hands-on, lasting impact. Together.

Diversity and inclusion

Peace Corps values and honors the diversity of all individuals and cultures. Peace Corps recognizes that honoring the voices and identities of our Volunteers and host country nationals and U.S. staff is central to our success. As an agency, we need to ensure that diversity of thought, experience, and personal background is valued and encouraged. Such diversity within the workforce enhances the relevance and substance of our work, and helps us adhere more closely to our mission.

Our goal is to leverage the varied experiences and ideas that each individual brings for the good of the agency and the communities we serve.

The Peace Corps offers an inclusive and welcoming workplace that values the efforts of all contributors and provides fair and transparent policies and practices, clear communication, mutual respect, a collaborative atmosphere, and professional and personal development opportunities.

Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) at the Peace Corps were established in 2014 in order to better support employees from underrepresented communities, to provide a direct line of communication between them and agency leadership, and to assist the agency in advancing intercultural competence, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (ICDEIA) goals. ERG participation is open to all Peace Corps staff.  The Peace Corps currently sponsors eleven ERGs:

  • American Dreamers
  • HALO – Hispanic Association for Leadership and Opportunity
  • Indigenous Rising
  • Interfaith ERG
  • Lotus Corps – Asian Pacific American
  • Parent Corps
  • Peace of Mindfulness
  • Sankofa – Black and African American
  • Spectrum – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Minority
  • Veterans Corps
  • WE@PC – Women’s Empowerment at the Peace Corps

Disability program

The Peace Corps is committed to making our information and facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities by meeting or exceeding the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968.

The Architectural Barriers Act requires access to facilities that are designed, built, altered, or leased with Federal funds. The Access Board is the federal agency responsible for enforcing the ABA. The Access Board's accessibility standards are available on the U.S. Access Board website.

If you believe that a physical facility that is designed, built, altered, or leased with Federal funds by Peace Corps does not comply with the ABA, refer to the U.S. Access Board’s website under ABA Enforcement – File a Complaint

View accessibility statement

Requests for reasonable accommodation or personal assistance services

The Peace Corps is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations in our programs, activities, Volunteer service, and employment for individuals with disabilities.

For Peace Corps employees who are working in the United States or who are U.S. citizens working abroad, see procedures for requesting and processing reasonable accommodations and personal assistance services [PDF].

Also see: Special Program Plan for the Recruitment, Hiring, Advancement, and Retention of Persons with Disabilities [PDF]

Learn more about requesting a reasonable accommodation or personal assistance as an applicant or employee through the Peace Corps’ Office of Civil Rights and Diversity.

Equal opportunity employment

Peace Corps’ policy prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (40 or over), disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, parental status, political affiliation, union membership, genetic information, or history of participation in the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process, grievance procedure, or any authorized complaint procedure.

View: EEO policy statement [PDF] | Harassment policy statement [PDF]

EEO complaints

If you are among the following groups and believe you have been subjected to discrimination and/or harassment, federal and/or Peace Corps’ regulations require the provision of counseling for the aggrieved party, and for the prompt, fair, and impartial processing of complaints of discrimination or harassment:

  • Employee
  • Applicant for agency job
  • Applicant for Peace Corps Volunteer or Peace Corps Response service
  • Trainee
  • Serving or Returned Volunteer

See details on complaint procedures and counseling program>

You may contact the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity at [email protected] to initiate counseling.


Federal agencies must post statistical data relating to equal employment opportunity complaints filed against the agencies on their public websites. The Peace Corps provides this statistical information in accordance with the No FEAR Act, updated on a quarterly basis.
View latest No FEAR Act data

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For any of the matters listed above, reach out to us on 202.692.2139 or [email protected].