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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

In My Own Words

Africa, Cape Verde

Listen to Mr. Florian de Cruz Duarte, a native of Cape Verde and ecotourism guide, describe the importance of the fog collection project in his own language of Creole.



My name is Florian de Cruz Duarte, and I work at Monte Gordo Natural Park as an environmental guide. About this project of fog water collection designed by Nate aided by Nelson (Santana) who is head of the community development department, and myself, an environmental guide that also works with the Ecotourism team at Monte Gordo National Park.

As we know here in São Nicolau, we have a large lack of water; principally inside of Monte Gordo Natural Park we have some communities that have problems with water. So here in Monte Gordo Natural Park we have many clouds that pass through. Because of this resource we started this project of fog water collection to help those farmers that have land in Monte Gordo Natural Park.

This project is very important because we will be able to capture X number cubic meters of water, distribute it to those farmers to work their land, and it is also a way to help them carry on their day-to-day work—knowing that the people of São Nicolau, principally in Monte Gordo Natural Park, live a life of agriculture and livestock-raising.

This was one of the first constructions of the project that was designed for Monte Gordo Park Natural, and we thank Peace Corps for making their Volunteer available to us, and hope that they will continue sending Peace Corps Volunteers to Cape Verde to help people and also the development of Monte Gordo Natural Park and the surrounding communities.

That’s about it. Thank you very much.