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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Transportation: Cameroon

Water in Africa

Africa, Cameroon

by Serena Williams, Kribi, Cameroon

I live in Kribi, on the Atlantic Ocean near the Kengue River. I have seen large boats in the area and I have been told that large supplies of seafood are shipped overseas. Perhaps there is a correlation, perhaps not. The islands off Equatorial Guinea can be seen from the beach by my house, although I have not heard of people taking direct boat routes to get there from where I live.

by Kathleen Reaugh, Batouri, East Province, Cameroon

In the Kadei River, which runs past Batouri and leads eventually to the Congo River, some people use dugout canoes, or pirogues. Sometimes these are used for traveling, but mostly they are used for fishing. When bridges fail—and cars and taxis can no long drive across them—pirogues are used to ferry people and goods across. Most people cannot swim, so even if the water is only waist deep, people often hire a small boy and a pirogue.

by Karen McClish, Belita II, East Province, Cameroon

Our rivers are too small for travel and transport.

by Madhuri Kasat, Garey, Extreme North Province, Cameroon

The river will flow for a day, at most, before it dries up again. It is not used for transportation.

by Lea Loizos, Bati, West Providence, Cameroon

I live near the Noun River, which separates Bati from the neighboring village on its eastern border. The main benefit to the community is as a fishing spot for local fishermen. However, on certain days of the week—market days, especially—taxi services are offered by canoe to transport vendors and their sacks of harvest from one side of the river to the other. As far as I know, the waterway is not used otherwise for travel purposes.

by Brooke Levandowski, Buea, Southwest Providence, Cameroon

Douala is the main port. The surrounding waters support a large fishing industry.

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