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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Recreation: Lesotho

Water in Africa

Africa, Lesotho


by MaryAnn Camp, Ha Rantubu, Lesotho

The only time I have seen children play in the water is after a rain, along with the ducks, geese, and pigs. The children would mainly stomp their feet and splash water. There is a river near the village, but the children say they are afraid to play there because of crocodiles. I believe these are stories from older siblings, because I do see the older boys use the river for swimming.

by Cynthia Holahan, Ha Nkoka, Thaba-Tseka District, Lesotho

During the rainy season when the river is flowing, the children thelelisa, which means "slide on the mossy rocks" until they splash into the pool of water. It is a great sight to see. The Basotho claim to fear water and swimming because they believe snakes dwell in bodies of water. However, when the river is flowing there is nothing to fear, so the children play and swim freely.

by Becki Krieg, Qacha's Nek, Lesotho

Lesotho is full of rivers and streams. Some are wide and some are quite small. But wherever the water is deep enough, you are sure to find some children playing on a hot summer's day. You can always find a group of boys playing in the river, taking a break from the hot loneliness on the mountainside. You can even find children fishing for trout in the rivers to sell or eat themselves.

by Amy Bratsch, Ha Thamere-Qutin-Mt.Moorosi, Lesotho

During the rainy season I have seen children playing and swimming in the streams. Like children the world over, they play in any waterhole or puddle they can find. There are no organized water sports.

by JeanMarie Mitchell, Ha Tebelo, Lesotho

The most that children in HaTabelo "play" with water is when they wash their plates for lunch.


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