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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Other Stories: Tanzania

Water in Africa

Africa, Tanzania


by Lorie Burnett, Korogwe, Tanga Region, Tanzania

One day, I was walking from my house to school, which is a 10-minute walk. All of a sudden, rain began to pour and, of course, I had no umbrella. I was carrying a big bag of schoolbooks. I ran and ducked into an alcove to wait it out, feeling cold and soaking wet. The rain didn't seem to be letting up at all and I debated as to whether to just make a run for it and go to my class, or to wait it out. Then I saw two of my Form I students (8th grade) coming with a huge umbrella. They had seen me shivering there and came to help me make it to class.


World Wise Speakers

Invite a Peace Corps volunteer into your classroom to share what it's like to live a global life by sharing stories, cultures and knowledge.