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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Health and Nutrition: Mauritania

Water in Africa

Africa, Mauritania


by Heather Cameron, Rosso, Mauritania

The utility company, named Sonelec, filters and treats the river water before distributing it throughout the city. Health problems arise during the rainy season when standing water accumulates in puddles throughout the city. Waterborne illnesses such as malaria take several victims every year.

by Kerry Zahn, Paris, Mauritania

My drinking water is clear but not necessarily clean. I personally treat my water and filter it before drinking it. Most people in my village filter water but do not treat it with chlorine. Many people are scared of catching Guinea worm, which is a worm that you can get from drinking water containing the larvae of the Guinea worm, and will always filter their water before drinking it. The Guinea worm grows to be a meter long inside the body and then starts emerging from the body. As it comes out it must be wrapped around a stick little by little or you risk the head snapping off and the worm dying inside your body and calcifying.

Because our well is not covered, when the wind blows, a lot of debris is blown into it. This dirt and dust makes the people sick and a lot of people suffer from diarrhea and stomach problems.

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