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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

The Environment and Agriculture: Mauritania

Water in Africa

Africa, Mauritania


by Heather Cameron, Rosso, Mauritania

In recent years, two dams were built along the Senegal River: one in Mali, upriver; and the other in Mauritania, near the river delta. Many people speak of the problems caused by these dams. They include depleted fish stocks, an increase in insects, and destruction of the bird nesting grounds along the river delta.

by Kerry Zahn, Paris, Mauritania

In Garalla there is no irrigation. All farming is done with rainwater. So if it is a good rainy season there are plenty of crops and enough to eat, but if the rainfall does not come, then there is a shortage. This year in Garalla it rained more than it has in many years, and a lot of seeds were washed away and the growing season was delayed. Because of a food shortage in my village and the general malnourishment of the children, USAID and the World Food Program came to my village to distribute wheat, oil, and beans.

World Wise Speakers

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