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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

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Declaration (of a Kgomotso Girl)

A Poem

Africa, South Africa


Respect is written
on the walls of this hall
and on the hearts
of its inhabitants,
demanding more for themselves
than generations of the past,
refusing silence
over their spirits.
We will not be quiet!
they declare
in firm and resounding

Because we know.

we know that we are
Queens and Princesses,
destined to serve others
with compassion and love.

we know that we are
Fierce Warriors,
Protectors and Caretakers
of our brothers and sisters.

we know that we are
Teachers and Scholars,
and that knowledge
is ours for the taking.

we know that we are
and that Laughter and Joy
can heal a broken spirit.

we know that we are
in something bigger
than ourselves,
and we have hope
for something better
than Today.

we know that we are
(and what Beauty really is),
and we know that
it is our Beauty
that will change the world
(not someday, but Today).

so do not be mistaken
by our appearance, or any
expectations (or limitations)
you may have imposed
upon us.

for we intend
to be everything
We've ever dreamed of.

And more.

About the Author

Katie Pepiot

Katie Pepiot served in South Africa from 2007–2009 as an elementary education Peace Corps Volunteer.
Education program assistant for Peace Corps/South Africa Nthabiseng Dulungana brought Katie Pepiot’s poetry to the attention of Coverdell World Wise Schools.

World Wise Speakers

Invite a Peace Corps volunteer into your classroom to share what it's like to live a global life by sharing stories, cultures and knowledge.