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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Conservation: Zimbabwe

Water in Africa

Africa, Zimbabwe


by Steven Jacobson, Takaliawa (Matebeleland South), Zimbabwe

For such a dry area, I am surprised at how much water is wasted. It takes a lot of work to get water from the borehole and yet I see water thrown out and not used for watering trees and small gardens. In the United States, water is simple. Turn on the faucet and out it comes. You never think about where it comes from. It just appears. Not so here in Takaliawa! A one-kilometer walk with a bucket on your head will make you realize every drop is precious.

by Robert Joppa, Gumira, Chipinge District, Zimbabwe

The primary way we conserve water is by using it efficiently. We use small buckets in the bath and re-use water as much as possible. In our gardens we build small soil walls around the beds to keep the water pooling around the plants. We also use rainwater by collecting it in buckets from the roof's drip spots, but that is mainly a labor/time saver. Also the school and clinic are currently building large water-catchment tanks to trap rainwater from the roof.

by Christopher Thomas, Masonga/Samhutsa, Zimbabwe

There is not much conservation or recycling of water in the Masonga area. Water for irrigation can be used only once, and water used in the home is usually thrown out and not recycled, as it could be, for watering the gardens.

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