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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Conservation: Niger

Water in Africa

Africa, Niger

by Kim Arth, Balleyara, Niger

The villagers are always conserving because it is hard work to get water. Rarely will water be thrown on the ground or wasted in any way. For example, when washing your hands in a bowl of water, you don't just plunge your hands into the bowl and begin washing. Instead, you wet your hands very slightly, soap up, and then pour water over them.

by David McNally, Takoro, Niger

Water conservation occurs on a small scale in Niger. Water used to wash millet or sorghum grains is given to animals to drink. It contains some of the grain's meal and other nutrition. Wash water from dishes and clothes is frequently used to water trees.

by Kimberly Mace, Dani Yari, Niger

The primary way of recycling water is to give excess or leftover water to the sheep and goats, and to use it in the gardens. Although there is no formal recycling method, water is precious and procurement of water is physically demanding.

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