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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Conservation: Namibia

Water in Africa

Africa, Namibia


by Mark Schwartz, Tsumkwe Region, Namibia

Being that the region is savannah desert, everyone understands that water is not always available, so when they have it they use it. Most people store extra buckets of water for times when it is not available. Usually, however, it is plentiful.

by Deirdre Deakyne, Onambutu Village, Namibia

Namibia has a countrywide water conservation campaign—"Be Water Wise." On the whole, my community is very conservative with their use of water—if only because whatever water they use must be brought to the homestead from at least a half kilometer away.

On my homestead, we recycle water by using our bath water and dishwater to water our plants and trees. Also, children share bath water.

by Heidi Spaly, Eembahu, Namibia

After washing, people recycle their water by using it to irrigate trees and plants. They collect rainfall from the roofs to use for all purposes.

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