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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Conservation: Lesotho

Water in Africa

Africa, Lesotho


by MaryAnn Camp, Ha Rantubu, Lesotho

I feel my community is not totally aware of water-saving techniques and it is one of my educational points during garden classes. Most serious gardeners have water-catchment barrels. A lot of gardeners and farmers have dug pits or dams to collect water when it rains. In 15 months I have marked my calendar with 10 days of rain, so I have never seen the pits full. I have seen the water barrels full. Some villages didn't realize you could recycle bathing water or wash water. It is poured into water catchment basins that go underground and are not accessible via pumps. I encourage any kind of recycling of water.

by Claire Hilger, Christ the King Mission, Qacha's Nek, Lesotho

Water is conserved in water storage tanks placed at the end of every rain gutter on the mission. Water used for washing is often used again to water plants.

by Cynthia Holahan, Ha Nkoka, Thaba-Tseka District, Lesotho

There is no conservation of water in my village of Ha Nkoka except that the villagers know that the less water they use, the fewer trips to the tap they have to make.

by Becki Krieg, Qacha's Nek, Lesotho

I don't see the people of Lesotho actively conserving water so much as using it efficiently. As I have explained, it isn't easy to carry large buckets of water, and they often have to carry them long distances, so people want to collect water only once every day or so.

As a matter of fact, Lesotho is selling its water to the country of South Africa. You can learn more about this by reading about the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

by Amy Bratsch, Ha Thamere-Qutin-Mt.Moorosi, Lesotho

Since we have so little water most of the year, people automatically conserve and recycle water. There is no official plan that is followed.

by JeanMarie Mitchell, Ha Tebelo, Lesotho

Many people in Ha Tebelo have rainwater catchments and use those for washing clothes.

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