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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools


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World Wise Schools fosters an understanding of other cultures and global issues by providing online educational resources based on the Peace Corps experience and facilitating communication between US classrooms and Peace Corps Volunteers.

Faceted Search

Search by region, country, subject, or grade level. You’ll find ready-made lessons ranging from understanding the norms of other peoples to practical challenges of obtaining water.
Visit other cultures through letters, stories, folk tale and poems written by volunteers who have lived for two years among the peoples and cultures featured.
See daily life in Peace Corps countries from Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka to the Dominican Republic and Paraguay.
Explore our hands-on learning activities that range from building solar cookers to international recipes.
Read articles concerning global issues, cross cultural understanding and ways World Wise Schools resources can be integrated into your classroom.
Peace Corps Volunteers talk about their experience through their own photographs and narratives.
Investigate global issues while sharpening critical thinking and problem solving skills through our interactive lessons.
Learn about the unique experiences of Peace Corps Volunteers and global educators firsthand through interview transcripts.