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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for World Wise Speakers

For Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Why should I get involved with Speakers Match?
The Speakers Match program is at the heart of fulfilling the Peace Corps' third goal—to increase Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures.
Where can I find a place to speak about my Peace Corps experience?
The Speakers Match program can only connect you with organizations that have contacted the World Wise Schools. To find additional opportunities for telling your story, check the Peace Corps advice (http://www.peacecorps.gov/resources/returned/thirdgoal/tellyourstory/) on finding a venue for a speaking engagement.
Can I speak to a youth group or other student organization?
Yes. We encourage you to reach out to your community. Often you will find that youth groups, after-school programs, faith-based groups, and day camps warmly welcome Peace Corps speakers.
If I am an RPCV and a teacher, can I participate in Coverdell World Wise Schools as an educator?
Yes! All educators—RPCVs and non-RPCVs—are encouraged to participate in our program.
Are there any materials you can send me to give away at my event?
Yes. Please register your event on the Third Goal page (https://www.peacecorps.gov/resources/returned/thirdgoal/register/) and we will send you Peace Corps materials to distribute to your audience. In addition, check the Peace Corps online presentation resources and presentation suggestions for tips to make your event a memorable one.

For Educators

What is the Speakers Match program?
The Speakers Match program connects returned Peace Corps Volunteers with US classrooms and other audiences. Through the program, educators are given the opportunity to invite returned Peace Corps Volunteers into their classrooms/community groups for one-time speaking engagements. During these speaking engagements, returned Peace Corps Volunteers share their stories and experiences of serving abroad.
How does Speakers Match work?
After registering with Speakers Match (https://www.peacecorps.gov/wws/classroom/speakers/request/), we will forward you the contact information of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in their area who have signed up with the program. It is your responsibility to contact the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and request a speaking session.
Why should I invite a returned Peace Corps Volunteer to speak with my classroom/community group?
The Speakers Match program is at the heart of fulfilling the Peace Corps' third goal—to increase Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers carry a wealth of stories, experiences, and life lessons from their time living and working abroad. The Speakers Match program allows Americans to experience different countries, cultures and traditions through the unique eyes of a Peace Corps Volunteer living and working with locals in their country of service. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers involved in the Speakers Match program consider it an opportunity to counter any misconceptions or lack of knowledge about their host country among Americans. They open the eyes of your audience to customs, beliefs, and adventures many have never imagined. They may even be the inspiration for some future Peace Corps Volunteers
Can I request a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from a specific country or with a specific area of expertise?
Yes, please specify your requirements on your registration form and we will do our best to accommodate them.
What if I cannot contact any of the returned Peace Corps Volunteers sent to me?
Please feel free to contact us at wwsinfo@peacecorps.gov with any difficulties you may have with contacting returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We may be able to send you additional names of returned Peace Corps Volunteers in your area.
Is there a fee involved with this program?
No, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers do not expect any kind of payment for their speaking engagements.
How do I prepare for the returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit?
Please be sure to read our Speakers Match Handbook (http://files.peacecorps.gov/uploads/wws/lesson-plans/files/SM-rpcv11.26.13_UPDATED.pdf) prior to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit. It includes tips and suggestions for planning a successful visit.
Do you have suggested activities I can plan with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer before he/she visits my classroom?
Yes, please see our Speakers Match Handbook for suggested activities you can prepare with your speaker
I am a college professor. Can I still invite a returned Peace Corps Volunteer to speak with my students?
Yes, inviting a returned Peace Corps Volunteer is a wonderful way to internationalize your curriculum or lecture series.
What kinds of follow-up activities can I do with my students after the returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit?
World Wise Schools offers many resources that can enrich your students’ cross-cultural awareness and communications skills long after a returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit. Please take a look at our Resources & Materials page (http://www.peacecorps.gov/wws/search/) for activities and lessons based on the Peace Corps experience.