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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Envisioning the Next Decade of Coverdell World Wise Schools

Global Issues in the Classroom Conference Activity


Theme: Curricular Resources

Suggestions for Coverdell World Wise Schools:

  • Develop more resources for world language teachers, including Peace Corps Volunteers' stories translated into languages taught in U.S. schools
  • Develop more globally-oriented service learning resources representing diverse regions and suggestions for helping students reflect on service
  • Develop resources for English language learners
  • Develop more resources for primary/elementary learners, including opportunities for young students to learn about the lives of children in other parts of the world

Theme: Professional Development

Suggestions for Coverdell World Wise Schools:

  • Offer World Wise Schools workshops that could be presented in schools
  • Offer suggestions for best practices in implementing World Wise Schools resources in the classroom
  • Offer online trainings and video conferences for educators; offer global education certificate for educators completing the trainings
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for educators to learn about global issues

Theme: Communication and Networking

Suggestions for Coverdell World Wise Schools:

  • Provide a forum for sharing teachers' service learning successes, ideas for implementing World Wise Schools resources
  • Reach out to educational administrators, teacher education programs, and teaching organizations to share World Wise Schools resources
  • Make a video of conference highlights and information
  • Develop ways to connect schools in other countries (i.e. schools where Peace Corps Volunteers are teaching) with schools in the U.S.

Theme: Technology

Suggestions for Coverdell World Wise Schools

  • Provide information to teachers about free educational technology resources that could help foster global connections
  • Provide more avenues for students and teachers to virtually experience other parts of the world (videos, slideshows, online discussions, photos, podcasts)
  • Develop a searchable online archive where teachers can add ideas for incorporating global issues into classroom instruction
  • Encourage teachers to connect online to collaborate with one another on projects 

About the Author

Coverdell World Wise Schools

To discover new approaches for incorporating global issues and integrating cross-cultural understanding with core disciplines, Coverdell World Wise Schools hosted a conference—Global Issues in the Classroom—inviting participants' feedback.