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Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools

Conference Evaluation

Global Issues in the Classroom Conference

Global Issues in the Classroom conference participants shared thoughts on how they planned to use information from the conference to improve global issues education in their own educational contexts. Primarily, participants intended to disseminate information to colleagues; access and use new resources; collaborate with other educators interested in global issues; and approach global issues, service, and culture in new ways. Below are examples of conference participants' intentions around these themes.

Theme: Disseminating Information

Some participants planned to:

  • Take information back to their schools, share it with administrators and colleagues, and lead professional development activities in their schools
  • Establish global education committees in their schools to work on integrating global issues across the curriculum
  • Share World Wise Schools materials and other curricular resources on global issues with their colleagues
  • Incorporate more global issues education into their own teaching, disseminating new information to students and setting an example for colleagues

Theme: Accessing and Using Resources

Some participants planned to:

  • Begin using or increase their use of World Wise Schools resources in the classroom
  • Develop their own classroom resources using information from conference presentations
  • Use global education resources to help improve students' digital literacy skills
  • Access new service learning resources and present them at their schools

Theme: Collaborating with Others

Some participants planned to:

  • Find ways to connect U.S. students with students in other parts of the world
  • Gather other educators in the state who are interested in internationalizing the curriculum, and work together to begin to make changes
  • Collaborate with all members of the school community to make a plan for tapping into new global education resources

Theme: Approaching Global Issues, Service, and Culture in New Ways

Some participants planned to:

  • Begin dialogue on difference and tolerance within their communities
  • Focus on different global issues each week/month, bringing in guest speakers and engaging students in activities addressing the issues
  • Encourage more service within their schools
  • Reexamine the curriculum to find avenues for infusing global issues and comparative studies across regions and cultures 

About the Author

Coverdell World Wise Schools

To discover new approaches for incorporating global issues and integrating cross-cultural understanding with core disciplines, Coverdell World Wise Schools hosted a conference—Global Issues in the Classroom—inviting participants' feedback.