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Benefits for Fellows

The benefits of participating in the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program are as varied and invaluable as those of being a Peace Corps Volunteer. Below are just a few of the many benefits of the program.

  • Financial Aid

    “In addition to a stipend, Fellows receive full tuition remission … we've also provided scholarship funds to Fellows.”

    Martin LammonGeorgia College and State University

    All Coverdell Fellows Program partner schools provide some manner of financial assistance to offset student costs. Types of aid can include:

    • Tuition reduction
    • Paid internships
    • Credit for Peace Corps service
    • Assistance with housing
    • Other benefits

    Be sure to review the school’s website, as Fellows may also be eligible to apply for other department, university, and community scholarships and aid.

  • Professional Advancement

    Each Fellow is required to complete a substantive, degree-related internship in an underserved American community. Through these internships, Fellows apply what they learn in the classroom to a professional setting, while providing much-needed support and assistance. Internships are with a variety of schools, nonprofits, and community and government organizations across the country. Fellows are sometimes offered full-time positions with these organizations upon graduation.

  • Lifetime Eligibility

    Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their Peace Corps service have lifetime eligibility to apply to any Coverdell Fellows partnership. This means that whether you are just completing your Peace Corps service, or are considering a career change years later, the Coverdell Fellows Program is a viable option. Many Peace Corps Volunteers’ experiences abroad shape their professional goals and with the Coverdell Fellows Program you can wait until you are completely sure of what you want to study. The benefits will always be there!

    In addition to lifetime eligibility, the Coverdell Fellows Program strives to offer a wide variety of programs throughout the United States in response to the growing needs and interests of returned Volunteers. Be sure to check the Participating Universities listings often to find new partner universities and degree options.

  • Shared Experience

    By bringing your skills and experiences back to the United States, Fellows are helping to achieve Peace Corps’ Third Goal—to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. In the classroom and in the community, Fellows share and build upon their Volunteer experiences. Fellows organize internationally focused events, in addition to campus and community-wide volunteer events. Often, Fellows cohorts are the centerpiece in promoting the Peace Corps community on campus, encouraging participation among students, faculty, and staff alike.

    “Our RPCV’s make a big difference in the classroom, especially in discussions. They relate to our international and human rights content directly, and can give great examples from their work abroad.”

    Robin MamaMonmouth University

  • Program Choice

    Earn your master’s degree, doctoral degree, or professional certificate in approximately 150 programs at over 100 university partners across the country; the choice is yours.

    You can also select from a number of joint degree options and classroom options: from online, to full-time, to accelerated programs.

    Programs are different, but the local internship is common to all. You may have the option to do an additional international internship—check with the school.

Last updated May 03 2016

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Contact the Coverdell Fellows Program manager at:
Peace Corps
1111 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20526

Phone: 202.692.2608

Email: fellows@peacecorps.gov

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