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Volunteer Stories

Peace Corps Response Volunteers are providing much needed targeted assistance in a breadth of assignment areas, from HIV/AIDS activities, humanitarian assistance, post-conflict reconstruction projects as well as addressing critical needs in the areas of education and technology. Read their stories below for a firsthand account of their Peace Corps Response experience.

  • Celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day in Guyana

    By Kera Murphy, Peace Corps Response Guyana, 2014

    Peace Corps Response Volunteer, Kera Murphy, works with her students at the Cheshire Home to create masks for Halloween.

    October 27, 2014 marked the fourth annual World Occupational Therapy Day. Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health profession that uses therapeutic exercises, meaningful activities, and/or adaptive equipment to restore or improve function and independence of individuals after injury or illness. More

  • Shaping the Potential for Improved Disaster Response and Management in the Philippines

    By Milosil E. Cruz, Peace Corps Response Coordinator Philippines

    Training of RGIMS at National Capital Region in Manila.

    Being a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines can be an especially interesting experience due to the country’s vulnerability to intense climate and geological forces. Located on the Ring of Fire, the Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. More

  • Without Peace Corps Response, I Wouldn’t Be Here

    By Margaret Ellis, Peace Corps Response Ukraine

    I am third from the left and wearing a black cardigan. I have been attending the English club sessions at a local Chernivtsi university with these students.

    I live in a beautiful Ukrainian city full of onion domes and grape vines in Western Ukraine, where ladies in babushka scarves stand on the sidewalks and sell milk from their cows and dill from their gardens. Living and working here has been my dream for years, but I never imagined that Peace Corps would be the key to realizing that dream. More

  • RPCV and Former Dean of Medical School Becomes Global Health Innovator

    By JAMES SCOTT, MD Peace Corps Sierra Leone

    Peace Corps staff facilitates session on safety and security during the GHSP Volunteer orientation.

    It is hard for me to imagine a more rewarding or exciting opportunity than the chance to participate in the launch of the Global Heath Service Partnership (GHSP). As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Sierra Leone more than 30 years ago, I never imagined that I would later return to Peace Corps as a principal part of one of the agency's most innovative and technically advanced programs. More

  • The Road to Mongu

    By PATRICK C. MARTI, Peace Corps Response Zambia

    The Board of Mongu District Farmers Association and Patrick with a low-cost solar dryer constructed as part of a food processing workshop.

    As a Peace Corps Response Volunteer, I now have the opportunity to apply the lessons I learned in Jamaica at a much larger scale. In my capacity as an Agri-Business Specialist working in partnership with Concern Worldwide, I am supporting three District Farmers Associations in Western Province. In Jamaica, I worked with one community farmers group with 30 farmers; today, I support organizations representing 88 community farmers groups with over 6,000 farmers. More

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